Adult birthday ideas for your next milestone year

Birthday Ideas

All the birthdays that we celebrate in life are special, but there are some that stand out because they mark important transitions. The start of a new decade is always exciting, and you need to find the perfect way to mark the occasion! Unfortunately, it can be hard to find good birthday ideas for adults. We’ve got you covered! Here’s some of the best birthday ideas for your milestone birthdays.

30th Birthday Ideas

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A destination party is one of the best ideas for your 30th birthday. It doesn’t matter how far you go or who you choose to invite: you could head to Bali with the girls, finally take that trip around Europe with your partner, take your siblings camping in the Grampians or take the kids for a road trip along the Great Ocean Road with another family. You could even stay local and just spend a night in a hotel. Any trip will give you a tonne of great memories.

Travel not in the budget this year? Why not throw a travel-themed birthday party that reminds you of all the trips you’ve taken and all the trips you’re hoping to take in your thirties.

40th Birthday Ideas

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For your 40th birthday party, a night out with friends is one of the most popular choices. Enjoy the opportunity to find an amazing venue in your local area especially for the occasion, whether it’s a winery, a cafe or restaurant, a hall or an art gallery. Once you’ve found somewhere you love, you can have either an intimate dinner party with loved ones or a cocktail party with all your friends and family. If a cocktail party sounds like your kind of night, consider creating a signature cocktail for all your guests to enjoy. If you want to be able to incorporate kids into the occasion, think about hiring a babysitter or two and setting up a kids room to keep them entertained.

50th Birthday Ideas

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Reaching half a century is one of the biggest milestones in your life, so your 50th birthday party needs to give you the opportunity to celebrate like never before. For this reason, many people choose to go for a grand party in their home, inviting all their friends and family members. For some people, though, the idea of planning a big party is more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, something more low key like a golf day or spa day might be a more relaxing choice. This will let you take a break from your day-to-day work and enjoy your birthday with friends without adding party planning to your plate. Hit the clubhouse or a local pub for birthday drinks afterwards if you’re not ready for the festivities to end.

60th Birthday Ideas

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For your 60th birthday, consider celebrating somewhere scenic. 60th birthday parties are often family affairs: you may have children, nieces and nephews, and even grandchildren. Choose a family-friendly venue by the sea, in a national park, or in the mountains. Whether you go to a restaurant or event space and let professionals take care of the details, or plan your own picnic, there’s no better way to celebrate than doing so while taking in beautiful scenery. You might also be able to fit in a game of beach cricket or a stroll nearby to keep everyone entertained and make valuable memories with your loved ones.

There’s obviously no rules about how you celebrate any birthday, so feel free to choose any of these ideas for any age! Want more inspiration? If you’re looking for a theme for your milestone birthday party, be sure to check out our list of birthday party theme ideas.

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