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40th Birthday Invitations

Every birthday is special, but some birthdays are more significant than others. Turning 40 is one of those birthdays that feels like a big deal. It’s a new decade, a changing time of life, and an exciting milestone to mark with friends and family. You want the big forty birthday party to reflect the significance of this event, as well as reflecting your personality and tastes. This all starts with your Australian 40th birthday invitations. Your 40th birthday invites should be something you love and want to keep framed, on your fridge or in a scrapbook for years to come. You’ve come to the right place for that: whether you’re looking for mens 40th birthday invitations for him or 40th birthday invites for her, we’ve got 40th party invitations you’ll love. Browse our online invites for birthday parties of all kinds, from formal dinners to casual beach parties. 


Popular print types and styles for 40th birthday invitations

The best way to find 40th birthday invitation ideas is to look at what sort of invitation styles and print types are popular, and consider whether any of them strike your fancy. 

The print type options for your 40th birthday invitations include: 

  • Digital print (standard ink on paper)
  • White ink
  • Metallic ink
  • Letterpress
  • Real foil
  • Raised foil
  • Print on wood
  • Photo card
  • Combination print (with more than one type of print, e.g. white ink and foil)

There are pros and cons to each of these print types: if you’re looking for cheap birthday invitations for adults, opt for standard digital ink rather than the more premium print types, but if you are looking to really make a statement, one of the more unique options will be your best choice.  

Some of the design styles for 40th bday invites that are popular across all of these print types include: 

  • Geometric 40th birthday invitations
  • Beach 40th birthday invitations
  • Elegant 40th birthday invitations
  • Funny 40th birthday invitations
  • Typographic 40th birthday invitations
  • Botanical 40th birthday invitations

There’s no rules that you have to stick to any of these styles, but this is a great starting point for 40th birthday invitation ideas. 


What to consider when choosing your 40th birthday invitation design

Even once you’ve had a look at what’s popular and decided what you like, there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to choosing the best 40th bday invitation design for you. These include: 

  • Style of your party - formal or casual? 
  • Theme of your party - nautical? Retro? Casino? 
  • Chosen colour palette - neutrals? Shades of green? 
  • Who is attending - kids? Just family? Work colleagues?
  • Size of the event - twenty people, or two hundred? 
  • Your budget - can you afford letterpress and four different cards per guest?

You might not need to let all these things influence your choice, but it’s worth at least giving them some thought. To make things easier, all our 40th birthday invitation templates are customisable using our unique on-site design tool, so you can make sure your choice is perfect for your needs. 

If you’re looking for 40th bday invitation ideas, it’s as simple as browsing our collection of 40th bday party invites on site. We’ve got a huge range of 40th bday party invitations: 40th birthday invites for him and 40th birthday invitations for her. We’ve got general 40th invitations that work for any sort of celebration, as well as more specific 40th birthday invitation cards: surprise 40th birthday invitations, 40th birthday photo invitations, 40 and fabulous invitations (or get wordy - forty and fabulous invitations). Of course, you could always edit one of our existing designs to make it appropriate for 40th surprise party invitations or whatever type of celebration you are having. If you’re stuck and can’t find the exact 40 birthday invitations you need, chat with our friendly customer service team and let us help you find something that works.  


40th birthday ideas

If you’re looking for male or female 40th birthday party ideas, or 40th birthday party invitation ideas, check out our article on celebrating your milestone birthdays. Whether you’re thinking about an intimate family dinner or a big party with all your friends and acquaintances, there’s a 40th bday theme for everyone. You might host your party in a gallery, at a winery, in a cafe or restaurant, or somewhere else. Top it all off with a theme that will set your party apart. We’ve got a whole list of themes to choose from. Venue, activity and theme are the best place to start for 40th birthday celebration ideas for her or for him. Along with 40 year old party ideas, start looking for some fabulous 40 birthday decorations. You can decorate based on a theme, or just keep it general with a colour scheme.


His and Hers

Whether you’re looking for 40th birthday party invitations for her or 40th birthday party invitations for him, there are always ways to make it personal. Paperlust offers a comprehensive selection of both feminine and masculine invites for 40th birthday party.

Mens 40th birthday invitations can be a bit tricky if he’s not a big hobby man and sometimes male 40th birthday party ideas can seem few and far between. But don’t despair! A 40th birthday theme for a man be as simple as sporting heroes (featuring his favourite footy team’s colours),surfing or gaming theme. When you’re looking for 40th birthday invitations for him, try to think of his interests - what does he talk about a lot, or get really excited about? 40th birthday invitations for men are often best left simple, like a minimalist black and white theme, which can sometimes make the male invites easiest.

There are so many options for girls that it can be a harder job choosing! When browsing for ‘ideas for 40th birthday party female’ you may be accosted by an onslaught of ideas and advertising. We advise narrowing down your search by using the filters on the left side of our page in the birthday invitations section. You can tick the boxes of what you’ll be interested in and put the ‘40th birthday invitations’ filter on. While surprise 40th birthday invitations for him are potentially easier, believe it or not, it is still possible to surprise a lady, so don’t give up if a surprise party is your goal. 


40th birthday invitation wording 

Whether it’s a 40th birthday evite or luxury 40th birthday party invitations on gold foil, the wording is one thing that you want to nail on your invite. We can help you with your 40th birthday party invitation wording and make your forty birthday an occasion to remember.

If you are planning a surprise 40th birthday be sure to make the wording very clear so that no one blabs to the birthday person (this may happen anyway but you don’t want it to be a result of your confusing wording). If you want to make your 40th birthday invitation wording funny, consider a limerick or some kind of humorous rhyming verse. You could search some templates but for your 40th birthday you’d rather have something unique to wow your guests with. If you have a creative friend, you could ask them to come up with a few lines. Your 40 th birthday invitation should reflect your personality but not be so abstract that they confuse people.

You can jazz up your 40 years birthday invite with witty wording or keep it simple (James Bond style) with event, time, place RSVP date. Guests need to know what’s going on, when it’s going on, where to be, what to wear and bring, and who to get back to with an RSVP. Everything else for your 40th birthday party is optional.


40th birthday cards

If you are looking for 40 th birthday card ideas then you may want to consider using 40th bday ecards. A 40th birthday ecards are perfect for overseas friends and loved ones, or if you live in a country where the post is either expensive or not very reliable. You could couple a 40th birthday ecard with an online voucher or evoucher to one of their favourite stores. That way they can still know you’re thinking of them and end up with a present they like, and you haven’t had to pay sky high postage prices or risked it getting lost or stolen in the post. 

A 40th birthday pic can be really meaningful if you have family or friends living far away from you. You could either send them an ecard with a picture of the two of you together, or if it’s your birthday you can use your 40th bday pics to send out (digitally or via post) as thank you notes. You can also find cheap photo birthday invitations if you are searching for birthday party invitations for adults.

There are so many options but just make sure that whatever you choose feels like you!

Unless you are looking for free 40th birthday invitation templates for download, our range above should satisfy that special occasion.