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30th Birthday Invitations and Templates

You only turn 30 once, so why not mark the occasion with a celebration? Whether you're having a large party with dozens of guests or an intimate gathering, can help you find 30th birthday invitations that will perfectly set the tone for a memorable celebration. Our party invitations are perfect for planned celebrations and for surprise get-togethers.

Every 30th invite that you'll find in our carefully curated collection are the work of independent designers from places like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Purchasing birthday party invitations from us means supporting up and coming artists and getting party invites that are truly unique - what better way to celebrate being 30 and fabulous?

No matter what your vision for your upcoming celebration is, we have Australian 30th invitations that are perfect for your needs. You can make a selection from a wide range of invitation card designs from beach, ethnic, elegant and more. We’ve got the best dirty thirty invitations: flamingo invitations, for males, elegant invitations for adults and classy. Whether you’re after 30th birthday invites for him or 30th birthday invitations for her (happy 30th birthday girl!), we can help. All of our designs are customisable invitations that will be personalised with the text you desire, and you can pick your favourite print type from many different options digital cards, letterpress, foil stamp and photo card. The end result is invites that are as special as the man or woman celebrating their 30th birthday.

Planning a different type of party? We carry a wide selection of invites for 1st birthday's, 2nd birthday's, 18th birthday invitations and 21st birthday party invitations and have many different types of stationery products for celebrations, including pregnancy announcements, baby announcement, baby shower invitations and baby shower thank you cards.

If you'd like help selecting 30th birthday invitations in Australia, we'll be glad to help. Send us an email to for personalised shopping assistance.



Planning your thirtieth birthday? Choosing thirtieth birthday invitations? What to write in a 30th birthday card doesn’t have to be nerve wracking and we can help with everything you need to know about the decision: Who, what, when and how? 



Thirtieth birthday parties are usually considered a great opportunity to celebrate with friends. While some people choose to celebrate with family, this is less common than for other milestone birthdays like 21st, 40th or 50th birthdays. In your thirties, your friends and colleagues are usually the focus of your time and for a lot of people, this extends to their birthday celebrations. There’s no rules about it, of course, but you shouldn’t feel bad if you’ve decided to keep your 30 birthday invitations to friends rather than family. 

If you’ve decided to include friends in your thirtieth birthday party, the question is how to balance different groups of people. Your friends may not know one another. You might have work colleagues, friends from your uni days, people on your footy team, and a few other ring-ins that you’re not even sure how you became friends with. This is completely up to you, but try to extend a 30th birthday invite to at least a couple of people from each friendship group so that they will know at least one person present (and remember to factor in that some people might not be able to attend!). 



No matter what the occasion, invitations should be sent out 4-6 weeks before the date of the event. This is true for your 30th bday invitation as well. You want to make sure your guests know what is going on with enough time that they are unlikely to have other plans, but not so much time that they put it to the back of their mind and forget about it. 



When it comes to your 30 birthday invitations wording, the most important thing is to make sure your guests have all the information they need to be able to attend your thirtieth birthday party. This will probably include: 

  • Who is invited (e.g. Dear Alex and Sarah,)
  • What they are invited to (e.g. You’re invited to Emma’s 30th Birthday)
  • When the party is (e.g. Saturday May 27, 8pm)
  • Where the party is (e.g. Lucas’ Vineyard, 392 Cotham Street)
  • RSVP details should also be included (e.g. Please let us know if you will be able to make it by May 20, 2017, 

We’ve put together a guide to writing your birthday invitations that will help you create the best 30th bday invitation wording possible. Good 30th bday invite wording includes all of the information listed above, in a way that is clear and easy to understand, leaving no confusion for guests (there’s nothing worse than having people missing from your 30 birthday celebrations because they couldn’t find the venue). 

Some people want funny 30th birthday invites, so let us add a word of caution: making your 30 birthday invitation wording funny should always be carefully informed by what guests will be attending your event. Make sure all guests understand your sense of humour, so you don’t accidentally offend your boss or your nanna with your funny 30th birthday invite. Err on the side of caution, especially with something like Dirty 30 invitations, if you’re not sure how it will go over. Of course, if you’re just inviting your mates, funny 30th birthday invitations can be a total winner, so use your own judgement, and don’t be scared to play for the laughs in the right context. 



Speaking of laughs, the Dirty 30 party ideas come to mind for many when thinking of celebrating your thirtieth birthday.Unsurprisingly, the origins of the ‘Dirty 30’ are less than flattering: about a woman letting loose at the age of thirty, now that the clock is ticking for her to settle down and start a family. The term has become a cliché and people now just use it as a catchy saying and an in joke about cutting loose on the night of your 30th birthday party, which doesn’t have to be in a negative way (everyone needs to let their hair down once in a while). If you’re looking for a greeting card saying, ‘Happy dirty 30th birthday’ there are plenty to be found--just make sure you check the message and picture inside first!

The interpretation of the term ‘dirty 30’ is up to you, but bear your guest list in mind, and choose Dirty 30 birthday ideas that you think won’t make anyone in the group too uncomfortable. Dirty thirty birthday ideas could have a somewhat risqué theme like burlesque or you could embrace a different kind of theme for your Dirty 30 birthday party ideas and focus the whole theme on actual soil. That way people can get down and dirty without feeling uncomfortable. This is a great theme idea if you love the catchiness of ‘the Dirty 30’ but you want to invite family and kids to your party. Your Dirty 30 birthday decorations will naturally follow the theme you’ve selected, so we’ll leave that up to your imagination and research skills. Another fun, off-kilter idea for a Dirty 30 is to have a food fight party or, if it’s all girls, whisk them off to a pamper day and go mudding!



If you’re planning your party on a tight budget, you might be looking for 30th birthday invitation templates to save you some money by printing your own invitations and birthday stationery. This can be a great way to save, but it’s a good idea to make sure you weigh up all the factors when making this decision, including the likelihood of unseen costs, smaller range, and lower quality. 

Remember that printing your own invites requires more than just the cost of the 30th invitation templates (especially if that price is ‘free’!). You’ll need to factor in ink, paper and envelopes: more than you think you’ll need, in case of any errors. Printing invites also requires quite a lot of time, so if time is money to you, it can be an expensive undertaking. This is especially true if you haven’t got experience printing on cardstock or you don’t have the appropriate printer, and it applies even if you make your own bday invitations free online. It’s important to keep these costs in mind: ‘free online bday invitations’ or ‘free online bday invites’ might sound appealing, but you need to be realistic about what the final costs will be. 

If you’re browsing for 30th birthday invitation templates free online, your choices of style are going to be limited, especially if you want to make sure you get something legit that hasn’t been ripped off the artist. You’re also going to be limited to ink on paper printing, since you can’t do fancy things like foiling and letterpress with a home printer. 

None of this means you shouldn’t use free 30th birthday invitation templates - we even offer a few free birthday invitation templates ourselves - it just always pays to have realistic expectations when you make your decision. Weigh up the pros and cons of free birthday invites, and choose wisely.



Are you game enough to plan a surprise party? It is trickier to plan for because of all the, well, trickery, and you run the risk of the birthday person catching on. If you’re looking for surprise 30th birthday party ideas for her or just surprise 30th bday party ideas in general, remember that whatever theme you choose, you will have to have a costume ready for them because they won’t know to prepare one in advance. Often a the surprise itself can be theme enough for the party. Surprise 30th birthday invitations don’t necessarily have to come ready made. You can choose any 30th birthday party invitations on our website and customise them to suit your needs (and theme). Tropical island/Hawaiian and cocktail are always fun 30th birthday themes for a surprise party as they don’t necessarily require costumes, massive amounts of decorations.



By your thirties you’re probably in a phase of life where if there’s something you really want, you can buy it. This makes it really hard for guests to choose 30th birthday gifts, since they figure you’ve probably got everything already. A registry or wishing well is a great way of making this easier on your friends and family, giving them easy options for a thirtieth birthday present. If you get this right on the invitation, you can relax at your 30 bday party knowing that everyone is on the same page.

Your options for gifts are:  

  • Standard set-up, no preference or registry
  • No gifts
  • Wishing well (for cash towards something larger, or an experience like travel)
  • Gift registry, online or in person, to help guests pick out a gift you’ll love
  • Donations to charity in your name

So long as you word it in a polite and grateful manner, most guests will be more than happy to comply to your request. 



In addition to your 30th birthday invitations, you might need other 30th birthday cards as part of your stationery suite to make sure everything runs smoothly. These can be perfectly coordinated with your birthday invitation, or they can be an eclectic mix. If you’re wondering what to get for 30th birthday stationery, we can help make it clear! Some of the most popular cards for 30th birthday parties include: 

  • Save the dates - if you’ve got guests travelling a long way or you’re planning a long way out, save the dates help make sure guests have plenty of notice
  • RSVP cards - find out for sure who is coming so you can plan accordingly
  • Information cards - give guests directions or accommodation information, or communicate anything else you might need to
  • Wishing well cards - let guests know your preferences for gifts (registry, cash, etc)
  • Menus - make sure everyone knows what they’re eating and drinking
  • Place cards and/or seating charts - make sure guests know where they should sit
  • Signs - help everyone find their way around
  • Thank you cards - show your gratitude for all the support, love and presents! 

You don’t necessarily need all these cards, but it’s good to know your options and think about what will benefit your event most. After all, you want the celebration of your 30 years birthday party to be an amazing memory to look back on and you only have your 30th birthday once.



Whether you’re trying to choose a style for your thirtieth birthday invitations or looking for a theme for the entire occasion, we can help. Your thirty birthday theme is a great opportunity to go for something sophisticated but fun. Some options?

  • Casino
  • Black and white
  • Hollywood glamour
  • Carnival
  • Speakeasy
  • Seven deadly sins

We’ve got a full list of birthday party themes on our blog if you need more 30th birthday party ideas or 30 birthday theme options. Your invites for 30th birthday party can easily reflect any of these themes (and more). Our website has a whole selection for 30th party invitations so take a browse and see which one you want to use or personalise. If you’re thinking of doing a personal DIY event at home, you could put together a 30th birthday collage of meaningful photos and funny memories, or if you’re planning for a guy, 30 birthday supplies for him can be found at a party store like Lombard, or at store he particularly likes, such as Bunnings or Anaconda (for a camping themed party). Whether you’re looking for 30th birthday party invitations for her or 30th birthday party invitations for him, there will be the right place to find all the needed resources. When looking for 30 birthday themes, start with the birthday person’s hobbies or interests (like a favourite cuisine or sport) and go from there.

Some of us have a good enough sense of humour that we can focus on some 30 years old party ideas. What better way to laugh at yourself than to have an Over the Hill party? This is the kind of one that you may have to suggest for your own party (other people might be too scared to bring it up) but if you’re comfortable with turning the big three-oh, then why not? It’s not the top suggestion when searching ‘30 bday party ideas’ but you could show how young and full of life you are by really embracing the humour. Remember, the less seriously you take it, the less people have to tease you about. The Roaring 20’s are a popular theme but for this milestone occasion, why not have an appropriately themed 30s birthday party? You could keep it general or focus on gangster, jazz or the golden age of Hollywood. 



Here because someone you love is turning thirty and you’re hunting for the perfect 30th birthday cards? We’re not just experts at 30th bday invites - we can help with that too! Whether you’re after 30th birthday cards for him or for her (or for anyone at all!) we’ve got options that will go perfectly with the gift you have chosen, or will be the perfect home for cash or a gift card. Browse our range of greeting cards to find something that’s right for you. 



30th birthday ecards can have a bad reputation for looking cheap and tacky but a 30th birthday ecard can be a great way to deliver a high quality invitation at a lower price. If you don’t want to end up with tacky invites, avoid internet searching ‘30 bday ecard’ and just hoping for the best. Using a professional company like Paperlust will ensure that you are getting premium quality and service, as well as that your final card is being checked by designers (to avoid embarrassing mistakes). 30th bday images can either be a graphic/design that you like, or a photograph of you and the birthday boy/girl - whatever you like. Black and white is always a classic theme if you’re wanting 30th birthday cards without cringe factor.

Browse our full range of birthday invitations here at this link.


Cheers and beers to 30 years!