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It’s no secret – the way people are shopping is evolving. There’s an increasing desire to design and buy custom-designed items that serve as a unique representation of your personality. This ever-expanding market is catering directly to wildly creative individuals, who craft their identities by expressing their style and preferences through their purchases.

With spring fast-approaching, we take a look at perhaps the most personal expression of your feelings. An engagement ring. Your love is unique – why shouldn’t your engagement ring be unique too?

Engagement rings are traditionally, and still to this day, worn as a sign of commitment and unity. This ring will be worn for decades to come and should uniquely express your love story and suit the style of its wearer.

That’s not to say that a ring in your preferred style doesn’t exist, but if you want to personalise your ring in a way that makes it entirely one of a kind, designing a custom engagement ring is for you.

Selecting a pre-designed and made ring off the shelves of your local jewellers is certainly a quick approach to choosing an engagement ring. However, the perfect engagement ring isn’t always that easy to find. Combining different design elements can result in entirely different finishes and styles. Custom isn’t just about making a choice; it’s about making your ideas a reality.

You have the unique opportunity to work with a talented designer, who will work to bring your imagination to life in the form of an entirely bespoke ring. Regular, direct communication along with the opportunity to give direct feedback and have amendments made on your design, encourages you to be creative in really expressing your vision.

Your design consultant is there to offer their advice and guidance from beginning to end. They’ll show you sketches, 3D CADs and 360 views of your design – you can even have a sterling silver replica of your design crafted before you finalise your design so you can physically see and touch your design before going ahead.

And this will continue throughout your relationship. Your wedding will be an expression of who you are as a couple, with personalised suits and dresses, custom wedding invitations and song playlists. Your holidays will be planned to include your favourite hobbies and restaurants. Even your workouts are customised with your personal trainer. Everything is tailored to your needs, preferences and requirements.

The joy of custom is about getting exactly what you want. No longer settling for an industry’s assumption of your style, you have the freedom to confidently create a ring that serves as a reflection of your unique love story.

And what’s more, the entire process of having a ring crafted from the very beginning is a beautiful story in itself. For years to come, you’ll look back on fond memories that started the greatest chapter of your lives together, safe in the knowledge that nobody will ever have a love, or a ring, like yours.

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This was a guest post by Rebecca Smyth, Content Manager at Taylor & Hart.

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