10 Ways To Be The Coolest Bridesmaid Ever

10 Ways To Be The Coolest Bridesmaid Ever

When your friend or family member is getting married, there are a thousand things to think about and this most joyous time can also be a most stressful time.

The one thing she is sure of is she wants you to be a bridesmaid (okay, and maybe Pearl Harbor Oahu honeymoon she’s been planning for months now!)

While this is not the easiest task, it is an honor and it speaks of her respect and trust for you and you want to be the coolest bridesmaid ever. Below you will find a few tips that will help you accomplish just that.


  • Be available and interested
    • Your world did not stop because of the upcoming event, no matter how important it is to you. But, it is important that you manage your time and allow for new demands that are sure to come up during this time. Make an effort to be there for the bride and to be a source of support.
  • Talk about other things
    • By the time the wedding arrives it will seem that the wedding is all anyone talked about or thought about for months. But there was a friendship before there was an engagement. Be sure to talk about those things as well. Do not forget your other interest. This will be a welcome distraction to the busy bride.
  • Be flexible
    • Flexibility is a requirement to keep your sanity. If you are too controlled, you will have problems rolling with the punches that a wedding throws at you. Now is the time to practice patience and your ability to laugh your way through situations.
  • Be a shopping buddy
    • The bride will find herself shopping a lot for the wedding. It seems there is an endless need of items for the wedding. If you are shopping for a bridesmaid dress or beach shoes for the honeymoon,  she will need a shopping buddy to keep her motivated and to help her make her selections. As tiring as this is for you, it is more so for her. So step up to the plate and be her shopping buddy and partner.
  • Be useful
    • Offer to help her keep up to date with her honeymoon registry. Plumfund is a very popular crowdfunding site for couples. As the date of the wedding approaches, adjustments may need to be made to allow the couple to maximize the registry funds.
  • Pamper her
    • If we cannot be pampered when preparing for our wedding, when can we? Allow her the luxury of resting in your friendship. Take her to a coffee shop, or schedule a pedicure. Show up with popcorn and a bottle of wine. Do anything that puts the focus on her.
  • Throw her a great party!
    • Before you plan her hen party, think of the things she likes. If she likes to dance and party hard, then do so. But if she is more about art museums and tea, then arrange a tea party at a local gallery.
  • Be part of the team
    • There is a time when you need to fall into place. Be gracious enough to know when you need to fall in line in order to allow things to run their course.
  • Stick around
    • You may want to excuse yourself from the party, but hang in there until the bitter end. You never know what the bride will need as the night wears down.
  • Do the little extras
    • Pay attention to details. Make a playlist for the day of the wedding. Resist the urge to take control, but be aware of the details that make your assistance invaluable.


By following these tips you will be the coolest bridesmaid ever. But be careful. You might find yourself being included in a lot of weddings once the word is out.


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