Make sure your guests remember your wedding for weeks to come


Weddings are such an overwhelming and happy occasion, with all of your family and friends around you to celebrate your big day. With all of the fun and excitement it is hard to get around to everyone to say thanks for coming or thank you for their gift. Luckily, there are other ways you can make your guests feel extra special after your wedding.


Give them something to remember the day by


Whether it is a card or a small gift, giving your guest a special souvenir will have them remembering the moments from the day for months to come. Wedding favours and bonbonniere don’t have to be big or expensive to be effective.


Say thank you for their gift

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Whether you register for gifts, have a wishing well, donate to charity or have an open option, our mothers always taught us it is important to say thank you when you receive a gift. Be sure to send your thank you cards out in a timely fashion, and keep track of the gifts you received from people so you can thank them specifically.


Make it personal with a handwritten note

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It may take a bit longer but your guests will appreciate it that much more, especially if you write about that funny moment from the wedding or the gift they got you.


Give them a sneak peek of your photos

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Wedding photos will let you remember the day for years to come! Give your guests this chance as well by giving them a card with a photo from the big day.


Give thank you gifts

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For some people like your bridesmaids and groomsmen you might feel like just a card just won’t cut it! Why not show your appreciation with a bottle of bubbles, some nice beer or maybe even a chocolate bouquet.


This is a guest blog written by Harriet Richter from Edible Blooms.

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