Hosting A Fun Virtual Graduation Event


Summer break is upon us young people! Semesters are wrapped up, final exams are finished and it’s time to start planning for your holiday (at home, of course). Summer break usually comes with graduation events, but we should face the hard truth that we need to put our hopes on the shelf of an in-person ceremony. However, it doesn’t mean that you should keep that excitement away and miserably move on with your daily routine. Life definitely needs things to keep us going and a bit of celebration on your special milestones! There are creative ways you can celebrate your graduation, and one of them is hosting a virtual graduation party.

Get on board with technology

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to worry about which platform you will use for the virtual party. From Google Hangouts to Zoom, online meetings have never been easier. Check out useful features of them all and choose the one that suits your party. Don’t forget to set a meeting password just to make sure no uninvited people join your party!

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Send out invitations

Even if your party is virtual, your invitations don’t have to be. Your friends may not be able to congratulate you in person, but sending out a few graduation party invitations while announcing your graduation seems like the personal thing to do right now. Now hop on your laptop, check the cool designs out there on the internet, and get a print shop to print them (or you can check out Paperlust’s graduation invitation designs.

Decide the party food

Yes, you don’t celebrate it with your friends in the same room, but why don’t make it a, let’s say, taco night for everybody? Tell your friends to order their favourite menu from a nearby taco restaurant and enjoy a virtual dinner together!


What is a party without fun decorations? Take the time to decorate your surroundings (or just that empty wall behind you) to add a party atmosphere to your virtual graduation. It doesn’t have to be fancy and shiny, be creative with the things at home.

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Dress up!

You may have spent the whole year in sweatpants and worn t-shirts, it’s time to shine! Get your best dress or clothes, put on a sparkling eye shadow and blush, and get ready for your most memorable graduation party.

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