How to prepare your wedding during pandemic

how to prepare your wedding during pandemic

This year has been strange, April felt like it had six hundred days, we skipped June and woke up in August. But that doesn’t stop love. People are still getting engaged and booking their wedding dates later in the year or even in 2021. Most wedding vendors suspended client meetings and studio consultations due to the government regulations. Which means the only type of communication you will have with your vendors are over the phone, via email or online chat. As experts in online wedding business, the Paperlust team pulls out some important tips for everyone arranging a wedding while stuck at home.

1. Reduce your guest list

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If restrictions are still tight and you can’t postpone your wedding to a much later date, try reducing your guest list to the venue’s capacity limit. Have an intimate wedding with the closest and most important people in your lives to witness your big day. It can be a hard thing to do but friends and family members will understand that sometimes things can’t wait, just be sure to send them a photo card after to show your appreciation for their understanding!

2. Find a venue that allows physical distancing

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Modern weddings no longer required to be held in traditional venues like churches anymore, you could host a wedding in your backyard or a local dining spot in the neighborhood. The most important thing is that you are united with your loved one and your guests to celebrate with the both of you. No matter what venue you choose, try and keep the occupancy rate below 50% to make sure you can still practice physical distancing. You can browse these venues online or sign up to a wedding directory to easily find the places close to you.

3. Create a wedding planning checklist

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Wedding planning can be time consuming and since we’re in lockdown, with plenty of time on your hands, you have no excuse to postpone it any further. Start off with a brainstorm of all the tasks that you will need to complete: wedding invitations, wedding dress, catering, wedding decor etc. Then create a timeline and add each task to the appropriate schedule. You can also find free printable wedding checklists online or get a bridal book diary which covers everything!

4. Work with online suppliers

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Who says you can’t do anything at home? With the way technology is progressing, communication remotely has never been easier, it’s the new way of living. Most wedding suppliers will be available for view and purchase online. From wedding dresses to wedding invitation suites, wedding cakes to flower arrangements, you will be able to browse them online as well as get samples sent to you! If you’re having trouble finding vendors locally, sign yourself up to a wedding directory website and search their list over there. During lockdown, the wedding industry has slowed down significantly and some vendors will have plenty of extra time to give you extra attention.

5. Try-on wedding dress at home

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Now you have the option of browsing catalogs and purchasing things online, what about dress fitting? Before the pandemic, you would normally go to a bridal dress store, try on multiple dresses and hunt for your dream dress. Shopping for your dream wedding dress is usually very much an in-person experience but now that bridal boutique stores are closed and there are no longer fittings and alterations done in store, what can you do? If your wedding is at a later date, we recommend researching boutiques you want to go to, read online reviews, look at the boutique’s social media feeds for inspiration, research the price range of the boutique you like and you will have a pre-planned wedding dress shopping weekend for when the restrictions are lifted! However, if your wedding is just around the corner and you need to get your dress ASAP, there are bridal dresses you can buy online. Just make sure to buy from a trusted vendor so you don’t end up with something that looks nothing like the photo.

6. DIY wedding favours

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Really have some time to kill? Add a personal touch to your wedding invitation suite or even start preparing your wedding decor. Paperlust has written some handy ideas such as dressing your invitations, making your own wedding favours and DIY your own table number stand!

7. Weddings now

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For those who can’t wait to be united with their loved ones, there is the option to elope or have a small ceremony now with a reception later! Plenty of couples are now postponing their wedding party, but still going ahead with their big day and choosing to live stream the ceremony so that everyone stays safe but still be a part of it. At the end of the day, a wedding is only a wedding because you and your partner want to get married and to say your “I do”s.

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