Earthy Tones Wedding on Trend

Think back to your favorite childhood memories. You’re spending the day with friends and family, surrounded by trees for miles. The autumn air is fresh from a rainfall that morning as you stop at an apple orchard on the way home—the perfect ending to a good time spent outdoors! Today, we’re taking a look at some recent trends in how brides have been incorporating earthy tones into their weddings and why they’ve proven so popular with today’s couples.


Touch of rust and copper decoration

Touch of rust and copper decorationShare on Pinterest

The rustic theme is a popular one for homes, but it can become boring and bland. The solution? Add some earthy colors to the mix! You could also experiment with adding terracotta or washed emerald green shades to spice things up without getting too dull. And finally, don’t forget about bringing in metallic copper decorations as these bring out that extra bit of classic charm we all crave from our decorating projects. Just make sure you don’t put too many shiny things in a setup unless you want to switch the entire theme to glam!


Rustic dried flower bouquet

Rustic dried flower bouquetShare on Pinterest

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Nothing beats a bouquet of fresh flowers, but if you are having an earthy toned wedding, then there may be another option for creating your own beautiful arrangement: combining both dry and freshly picked blooms into one extravagant flower combination! They will make interesting combinations that are certainly different from those made from only fresh flowers.


Earthy and natural color wedding invites

Having a themed wedding means you have to tie all the things together to make it perfect. Adding a touch of earthy colors on your wedding invitations is easy peasy as it goes perfectly with most designs. As colour block and arch shapes are becoming a trend, you can try combining them together for a modern look. See below inspirations we got from our latest rustic and earthy toned designs.

Earthy and natural color wedding invitesShare on Pinterest

Earthy and natural color wedding invitesShare on Pinterest


Warm hues bridesmaid dresses

Thanks to the new trend of mismatched bridesmaid dress colours, you do not have to pick one from dozens of gorgeous earthy colors out there. Earth tones such as terracotta, dark red and sage green are perfect choices for bridesmaids gown colors. These hues will match with your wedding palette while still giving the spotlight to you on your special day!

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