The Wedding Boom: Why you should start planning now!

How to plan during a "Wedding Boom"

Weddings are coming back in like a tidal wave after nearly 18 months of sit-and-see due to the pandemic, couples are finally setting their hope back again for a wedding they have been dreaming of. That means you have hundreds of brides vying to win over one dream venue and caterer, and it is even harder than ever to choose or confirm a date. Well, here it goes, everyone, the Wedding Boom.


What is the Wedding Boom?

The wedding industry is seeing a surge of couples looking to plan 2022 and 2023 weddings after a year of postponed and downsized weddings. Experts said that the demand for venues and vendors has never been higher. They are expected to jump sharply in 2022, to levels last seen nearly 40 years ago (The New York Times).


How to plan during a “Wedding Boom”

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During the Wedding Boom, planning eight months in advance will be considered too late. Your favorite vendors might have half of their dates all booked because of the postponed 2021 weddings. Your options are limited and you surely do not want to be left out with nothing to choose from. 


a. Set your wedding date (with alternatives)
Start with choosing your wedding date and some alternatives. The second quarter of 2022 has been predicted as to when the boom will start happening, with most of them being rescheduled weddings. Therefore, if you just started planning now, consider a July-September wedding or later to make sure you are still ahead of the plan.

b. Book your wedding planners
Whether you have locked in a date or not, consult your wedding planner in advance so you can gain insights from industry experts. Book now before there are no more dates left open on their calendar!

c. Start looking at vendor options
The more you wait, the harder it will be to find a vendor that suits both of your needs. And all the couples out there, they do not wait until the restrictions are lifted to start researching and book vendors. Reach out today- there are thousands of vendors waiting just around every corner who will do their best work to collaborate with couples like you.

d. Tell your guests
It’s never too early to send a save the date card. As soon as you lock your date, start working on your guest list and ways to announce it. They will appreciate you telling them months in advance because it can help them plan their schedule.

e. Remember that COVID still exists
The pandemic has been a nightmare for all of us, particularly for the couples who had to postpone their wedding twice or downsize to 10% of guests coming. These things are still a possibility so we can’t close our eyes and ignore them. As we are never able to predict the future, let’s keep all the alternative options available just in case you had to.


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How to plan during a "Wedding Boom"Share on Pinterest

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