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Typography Wedding Invitations

Typography wedding invitations are for those in love with words (as well as their fiancé). Whether you’re drawn to vintage typography wedding invitations or more modern typography wedding invitations, the results are undeniably stunning. One of the great things about typography is that it suits any style, from elegant wedding invitations to beach wedding invitations

Admittedly, traditional typography for wedding invitations can be pricey but Paperlust have provided an exclusive collection of wedding invitation templates that you can customise to your taste. To ensure cheap typography wedding invitations without having to attempt a wedding invite DIY project, select digital printing and try to limit the number of cards in your invitation set. 

Wedding invitations typography style couldn’t be discussed without mentioning wedding invitation wording. Check out our blog that helps you get the words exactly right for the most important day of your life (you can always tweak our examples to make them more personal). Now that you know the basics, check out our collection to see which design catches your eye!