Top 5 Destination Wedding Invitations

Destination Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations destination… Are these three words stressing you out while looking for wedding invitations for destination weddings? Paperlust has got you covered, with a range of designs which you can tailor to suit your needs.

Browse our collection of destination wedding invitations if you’re looking for destination wedding invitation ideas, but not before you’ve heard our top 5!

1. Aloha Florals by Emily B

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With Paperlust you can choose a versatile invite for an island wedding, like our ’Aloha Florals’, or the ‘Pina Colada’ for a fruitier vibe. Unique destination wedding invitations are epitomised by designs like these—and adding humour is just another way to express your fun-loving nature as a couple.

The wording for destination wedding invitations can be tricky but the main thing to remember is to keep it simple and include only crucial details (don’t forget the RSVP date!).

The real trick is knowing when to send invitations for destination weddings, as you want to give your guests plenty of time to prepare. When considering when to send destination wedding invitations, think about your last overseas trip and how far in advance you started planning. Your guests will need a similar amount of time to prepare for your wedding.

2. Beach by Amelia S

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Speaking of tropical, you might be thinking of Mexico destination wedding invitations for celebrating your big day in the heart of Latin America. Keeping it simple with a style like ’Beach’ is a great way to maintain the theme of your wedding while not overdoing it.

If you love the look of DIY destination wedding invitations but don’t have time to make them yourself, these are an easy, affordable way to get it. ‘Beach’ starts as low as $1.97 each, and cheap destination wedding invitations are the way to go when planning an overseas wedding. You want to focus your budget on that amazing ceremony with your toes in the sand!

When it comes to beach destination wedding invitations, a casual approach is the way to go. Anything too formal may not mix with the chilled island vibes. Because ‘Beach’ is so flexible, you and your partner can even use it for a wedding that’s not strictly a beach wedding: Las Vegas destination wedding invitations, anyone?

3. Rustic By Dika M

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Cruising down some country lanes and getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life is another great way to make sure your big day is as relaxing as possible. Our ‘Rustic’ invitation tips its hat to the country life and if elegant destination wedding invitations are what you’re after, what says classy more than simple black and white (or brown)?

Don’t be afraid to add a unique touch by personalising these invites. You can tailor the wording to your ‘voice’ or adjust the font. From experience, if you host an event in the country, make sure that you have communicated the directions very clearly with your guests! There’s nothing worse than people arriving late because they’ve gotten lost.

4. Naval by Emma-Maree H

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A wedding should reflect the couple’s personality and interests. This uniquely bordered navy invitation will set the tone of your nautical wedding from the outset, and a theme always gets guests more involved.

Destination beach wedding invitations don’t necessarily have to be beachy or filled with palm trees, and if you want to go for something a little different, Emma-Maree’s ‘Naval’ might just be the perfect fit.

5. Secret Vineyard by Nadine W

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‘Secret Vineyard’ is a versatile invitation, which can be used for reception invitations after destination wedding celebrations have taken place. Destination wedding reception invitations should allude to the original nuptials but not in a way that makes the guests who couldn’t make it feel left out.

While you’re thinking of when to send out destination wedding invitations, you should also plan the time you will post destination wedding reception invitations so that all guests feel valued, instead of feeling like after-thoughts.

The ‘Secret Vineyard’ can also double as destination wedding shower invitations, with its feminine colourway and design. You could opt for a white background to make the colour more prominent.

So now, consult your budget, go with what feels natural and let Paperlust take care of the rest, so that your loved ones can start planning the amazing holiday that you’ve just given them the perfect excuse for.

For a wider range of selections, browse our full list of invitations for destination weddings.

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