Seed Wedding Invitations – paper that grows!

Seed Wedding Invitations

Plantable wedding invitations are back in trend now as people become more environmentally conscious. Using seed paper for your invitations can bring out the green thumb within us all showing how much you care about every special touch of your big day, beloved guests and most importantly – our planet! Here are the reasons why you need to print your wedding invitations on seed paper and why Paperlust, with our commitment towards environmental sustainability, wants to help you make it come true.

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1. Seed Paper Wedding Invitations are eco-friendly

It’s no secret that seed paper wedding invitations, being fully compostable, makes it one of the best options for eco-friendly invitations. While most paper products are recyclable, there is a limitation on the number of times paper fibres can be reused. Seed paper will compost away and leave absolutely no trace except the flowers they grow into. 


2. Seed Wedding Invitations are unique

What better way to celebrate your big day than with paper that feeds the earth? Seed paper is beautiful, elegant, and it’s made by hand. We know that there are thousands of paper out there that are 100% recyclable, but none of it goes beyond the uniqueness of this plantable paper. They are an inexpensive way to make your wedding special, unique, and environmentally friendly.


3. Your wedding guests love surprises

Not only are they happy to hear about the big news, knowing that you put something special on the wedding invitations will surely surprise them. Imagine receiving a wedding invitation without having to feel bad because you don’t have any space left in your drawer to keep it. Now you have an option to plant and grow them into wildflowers!


Announcing with Style – Plantable Seed Paper Save the Dates

You don’t have to wait until you send out invitations to impress your guests and to make positive action towards the earth. You can print your wedding save the dates on seed paper to tie all your wedding stationery suites together. Once your guests have marked this special date on their calendars they can plant it to grow lovely flowers and count down the day with you!

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Plantable Wedding Invitations – What Makes Them Unique

When it comes to styling seed paper save the date or seed wedding invitations, the options are unlimited. However, our paper and production experts have an important note if you decide to use seed paper for your wedding stationery. You will need to understand the nature of seed paper. Seed papers are handmade so the dimension, shade and thickness of the paper might vary. It also has a rough texture on it which some people might find not too satisfying. This type of paper works really well with minimal typography design. There are no limitations in coloured ink, but we suggest darker fonts and thicker texts to make sure it reads well. We also suggest avoiding full-colour designs that expand to the corner area to minimize the registration issues.

Another option if you don’t quite like how roughly textured the seed paper is, is that you can opt for an indie handmade paper instead (see below). Indie handmade paper is eco-friendly and has rough edging which makes it very unique. The paper surface is pressed enough that it is not too rough, but still leaves a fingertip-pleasing sensation when touched. We love this as much as seed paper when it comes to quality paper.

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If you have any specific enquiries about seed paper wedding invitations and how you can make the best out of them, chat to our super team here at Paperlust to discuss the available options. We are more than happy to assist you with all your creative ideas!


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