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Bucks & hens

We need invitations for all sorts of different occasions in life. From the fun things, like a casual movie night invitation template, to something serious and difficult like a funeral invite template, you want to find the right invitation to match the tone of the event. One of the best things about Paperlust is that each of our templates can be personalised to work for any event. Use our online design tool to customise any invitation that catches your eye and see your results in real time – all before committing!

Housewarming invitations

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Housewarming party invitations are difficult to come by. While Paperlust don’t have a specific section on our site for housewarming invitation templates, many of our engagement invitations are compatible with an invitation for housewarming. Customising a wedding invitation can add sophistication to your housewarming, but if you’re looking for variety, you could also browse our birthday invitation category for suitable housewarming invitations.

We understand that your home is special to you – your housewarming invitation deserves to be special too. For some people, a housewarming is simply a casual catch-up with friends, while for others a housewarming may be more formal, perhaps even including a ceremony. Some cultures place a lot of emphasis on this event and view it as a right of passage, especially for a young married couple moving into their first home. In these instances, a house warming ceremony invitation is perfect: choose a more formal design, potentially incorporating a premium print technique like raised gold foil or letterpress to add a touch of elegance.

We think the ‘The Magnificent Garden’ baby shower invitation pictured above would be perfect repurposed as a housewarming invitation.

Saying farewell

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Moving on to a new stage of life is a big deal and deserves to be commemorated. Unfortunately, leaving party invitations aren’t often available as a template, so whether it’s farewell invites, graduation invitation templates or retirement invitations, enjoy the variety of any of Paperlust’s designs by making it personal to your event. Replace aspects of a design you like and edit it until it feels right for your particular celebration.

Feel free to choose a farewell invitation template that is pretty basic and then add some personality to it yourself. If you’re saying goodbye to just one person, you may want a farewell party invitation that includes their name and a photo of them (or not, depending on how outgoing they are). Choose one of our templates that includes space for an image and find the photo that best shows their personality. For a graduating class you could include their group portrait. School formal invitations or graduation invites don’t have to include the school’s logo and crest – but they can if you want them to.

The ‘Florescence’ birthday invitation design pictured above would make a classy farewell invitation, just by tweaking the wording.

Religious rites of passage

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At Paperlust, we offer christening and baptism invitations, and while we don’t have specific categories for confirmation invites, holy communion or first communion invitation templates, or Easter invitations, our designs can be easily customised to suit any of these religious events.

Whether you want an adorable photo, some beautiful flowers or a watercolour design, we have plenty of templates to capture your fancy. From there it’s all about personalising your chosen design to look appropriate for confirmation invitations, or whichever event you are planning. For communion invitations for a boy you can use blue colours, or pink for a girl, or stick to gender neutral colours like gold, white and grey. If you’re searching for holy communion invitations templates free online, use our online design tool to customise your invitation and see your results in real time obligation free. Purchasing quality eliminates any stress as our customer service team ensures that your whole order runs smoothly.

The ‘Baby on Frame’ christening invitation pictured above works for any milestone religious event, just change up the wording and the picture.

Casual gatherings

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While no one expects every invite for dinner to be carved into a marble tablet, there’s no harm in ordering some fun BBQ invitations or pizza party invitations for a chilled out catch up at your house or local park. This is perfect anytime you want to make a little more of an effort – like for a birthday or Australia Day party. If you don’t fancy the typical Australia Day invitation, choose a Paperlust design with the colours you like (they don’t even have to be blue, green or gold) and start personalising the classiest Australia Day invites ever.

For something like a new year invitation or street party invitation, consider something like bright colours and a fun vibe – our birthday invitation collection might suit you more than adapting wedding or engagement invites for these fun occasions.

Dinner party invitations can be anything you like. From a fun murder mystery dinner party with wacky costumes to a formal dinner party to celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary, look for colours and designs to match the mood of the night and you can’t go wrong.

Our ‘Happy Cocktail’ invitation pictured above is perfect for any casual event.

Bucks & hens

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While a bucks invite can often be as casual as a text the weekend before, there’s nothing wrong with having a bucks invitation or bachelorette invitations a little more on the formal side. They don’t have to be raised gold foil or anything fancy, but ordering quality printed invitations (even if they are just handed out among close friends) builds anticipation for your event and signifies the importance of your wedding as a whole. Some people like all of the events in their wedding to follow the same theme, so stationery can be a way to create a cohesive feel without dominating your night. Remember that bachelorette invitations and hens invites are usually used as interchangeable terms, so don’t limit your search to just one!

Although not everyone does it, an official maid of honour invitation is a lovely way to invite your sister or friend to be part of your special journey down the aisle. If you’re looking for some groomsmen invitations ideas and don’t want to just ask over a coffee or cold beer, consider a simple black and white design to keep it classy, or a photo card for its comedic potential. Asking someone to be part of your bridal party is essentially a way to celebrate your friendship, so you should do whatever feels natural for you and not feel pressured to be overly formal.

Use our ‘Here Comes the Bride’ bridal shower template to invite your best friends to be part of your bridal party, or as bachelorette party invites.

At times we all want to add a little wow factor to our life events, so whether it’s a housewarming invitation card or a farewell invitation, Paperlust is here to help make it even more memorable. Customise any of our stunning designs to celebrate your important event and make it pop!

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