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engagement gifts

You’ve just received engagement invitations to a loved one’s engagement party, and in the flurry of picking the perfect party outfit, you’re completely out of engagement present ideas. Not to worry! Good engagement gifts simply require a little extra thought and preparation. We’re here to help you with some of our top gift ideas for couples, so that yours can be among the best engagement gifts at the party. For the best engagement gift ideas Australia wide, start with the couple’s hobbies and interests, and that should lead you in the direction of something they’ll love.

Traditional engagement gifts

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Whether shopping in store or searching online for engagement present ideas in Australia or overseas, there’s nothing wrong with a traditional gift. Crowd pleaser gifts for couples usually include:

A traditional gift can be a safe bet for a couple you don’t know very well. If you are particularly close to the couple or just feeling generous, engagement gift baskets are a helpful option for the couple just starting out. Give them a range of practical home items and they’ll be forever grateful.

Personalised engagement gifts

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One of the best ways to find unique engagement gifts is to get personal! If you are looking for engagement gifts for your best friend, you know exactly how to personalise something they will cherish and that will make them think of you each time they see it. The best range of personalised engagement presents Australia wide can be found online with various custom gift sites, but here are some general ideas:

  • A custom sketch or painting of a significant place for them (i.e. home town, place where they met or had first date)
  • Personalised puzzle
  • Custom pajamas with quotes from their favourite movies
  • Matching engraved pens
  • Cartoon drawing of them as a couple surrounded by the things they love (i.e. coffee or sport)

What to buy someone who has everything?

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Do you need some gift ideas for couples who have everything (or seem to)? Choosing engagement gift ideas for couples who live together can be tricky because there doesn’t seem to be anything left to buy, and you don’t want to overcrowd their house with meaningless items or duplicates.

Here are some engagement gift ideas that most couples will appreciate:

  • Vouchers for an experience (either a specific activity like a degustation or a general one like a Red Balloon voucher)
  • A plant (succulents are super low maintenance)
  • Fun things like games or restaurant vouchers
  • A subscription to a florist (weekly fresh flowers anyone?) or a favourite magazine

His & hers gifts

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Depending on how you know the bride and groom, engagement party gifts for couples can prove difficult. His and hers gifts don’t have to mean matching monogrammed towels. Get creative! They can mean…

  • Mugs with a moustache and lips or complimentary mugs that make one picture/phrase when held together
  • Corresponding key chains (like peanut butter and jam or cheese and macaroni)
  • Matching ugly Christmas sweaters
  • Humorous pillows saying ‘Mr Right’ and ‘Mrs Always Right’
  • Engraved wine glass and beer mug

Although people say it’s the thought that counts (and it is) we know you still want a winning present so engagement gifts that are either fun or useful will both be appreciated.

Wedding planning gifts

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Some of the best engagement presents Australia wide and beyond are ones that help the couple prepare for their big day. Most guests will think of engagement present ideas for couples to help them set up their home, but what can sometimes be really helpful to a bride and groom starting out are engagement presents that aid them in preparing for the wedding itself.

Here are some tips:

  • A wedding planning binder (or a cute notebook for a more low key option)
  • Wedding magazines
  • Voucher for dance lessons
  • Champagne glasses/wine glasses or cake cutter
  • Budget-friendly option: homemade book of de-stressing techniques and ideas

Gift ideas for couples to do together

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The ultimate couple gifts are fun activities they can experience together. Gifts for an engagement don’t necessarily have to be physical things, and an experience is great for a couple who already live together (or if one of them already has a well established home). Sweethearts are always up for a fun time!

Here are some presents for couples that involve an activity together:

  • Escape room voucher
  • Movie tickets – gold class
  • Picnic set
  • Red balloon experience voucher
  • Couples photoshoot voucher
  • Massage vouchers
  • Voucher for dance lessons
  • Cook book

On a budget

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Engagement party presents aren’t about how much you can spend, and while it’s fine if you want to go all out, bringing an extravagant gift is not expected.

Here are some affordable engagement party gift ideas that won’t break the bank:

  • Flowers
  • A bottle of wine (especially champagne)
  • Engagement scrapbook (either filled with memories or blank for couple to fill)
  • Cupcakes with message or theme
  • Place to store engagement ring/custom ring dish
  • Photo frame

Engagement cards are also a personal way to deliver your heartfelt congratulations without really spending money.

Fun & funny engagement gifts

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Quirky engagement gifts are a hoot, especially if you know the couple well (which we recommend you do if you’re thinking about this kind of gift! You never know how a gift will be received if you don’t know the recipient well). You can make them laugh, refer to an in-joke, or just reminisce about a funny memory you share together.

Take a look below for some engagement presents ideas that don’t take themselves too seriously:

  • A board game
  • Scratchy map of the world (scratch off places you’ve been to reveal a pop of colour)
  • Scrabble fridge magnets
  • If you’re really close friends of the bridal couple, a scrapbook or photo album of your friendship (or the story of their relationship)

A word of advice: remember your audience when buying humorous or ‘out there’ engagement gifts for couples. If you think they will be opening gifts in front of an audience, consider whether the humour is something everyone can enjoy.

Following this guide, you are sure to go beyond ‘good’ engagement presents, and truly ‘wow’ all your nearest and dearest as their time comes. The best engagement presents are subjective, depending on the couple. You know what they will like (and if you don’t, get them one of our ‘safe bets’ listed above) and what they already have in their home. Use this guide as an ongoing reference for the best engagement gifts Australia wide (and beyond!) – your loved ones will thank you.

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