How to Address Save the Dates: The Ultimate Guide

How to Address Save the Dates

Creating save the date cards can be daunting, especially if you are just getting started with wedding planning. A lot of people wonder what is the appropriate way to write their guest names on the save the date envelopes and how they should go about sending them out. If you are in need of some guidance on this matter then look no further! This blog post will provide you with all the information that you need on addressing your save the dates.

Addressing save the date cards is similar to wedding invitations, however people tend to make them less formal as it is just an early announcement of the wedding. On the actual wedding invitations, a lot of people prefer to write titles such as Mr. and Mrs. before names to honor their guests. However, if your wedding is a laid back casual event and people you are inviting are people of your age, no one will complain about the absence of titles, especially for save the dates.

We know that the ultimate question in addressing save the dates is not only on how to address save the date cards and envelopes. At some point, every bride will have a lot more questions in mind than they have ever imagined before, such as on how to address save the dates for plus one, dating or married couples and even a big family. Keep scrolling through because we know you need this one.

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How to address save the date envelopes to a single female

When addressing a single female, simply write her first and last name. You can add a title if you like, such as “Ms” if she’s single and over 18, “Miss” if she’s under 18, and “Mrs” if she’s widowed.

Example 1: Jane Sloan
Example 2: Ms. Jane Sloan


How to address save the dates to a single male

When addressing a single male, same as the above, simply write his first and last name. You can add a title if you like, such as “Mr” if he’s over 18.

Example 1: Ryan Smith
Example 2: Mr. Ryan Smith


How to address save the date cards to married couples

When addressing save the date cards to married couples, you should include both of their first names. You can combine their last names if they’re sharing the same last name. Traditionally, the man is listed first.

Example 1: Peter and Belinda Kavinsky
Example 2: Mr. Peter and Mrs. Belinda Kavinsky


How to address save the date cards to dating couples or married couples with different last names

If the couples you are inviting are unmarried or married but keep each of their last names, you will need to include both of their first and last names. Traditionally you start with the man first but it doesn’t really matter who is written first if they are dating. Writing both of their names also makes the addressing more personal especially if you are only friends with one half of the couple.

Example 1: Regina Spektor and Henry Dunant
Example 2: Ms. Regina Spektor and Mr. Henry Dunant


How to address wedding save the dates envelopes to families

An important thing you need to know is that working on address labels for wedding save the dates and invitations for families can be very different. When you are addressing the actual invitations, it is necessary to write all the names you are inviting including the children. It will help your guest to know who is invited and who is not. For save the dates, you can simply add “and family” after the couples name to indicate that you are planning to invite the whole family. Later once you are ready to send out your invitations, you can make it clear on how many people can attend.

Example 1: Robert and Belinda Grinn & family
Example 2: Mr. Robert and Mrs. Belinda Grinn & family


How to address save the dates for plus one

You might be wondering, Do you put plus ones on save the dates? When you’re inviting a friend and their partner but you are not sure who they will bring with them (or what their names are), you can add ‘and guest’ after the first person first and last name. You can also use ‘and partner’ if you are sure they are in a relationship. Adding plus one also helps in making it clear for your guests whether they can invite someone along or if you only have a room for themselves. However, to avoid inviting someone you don’t really know, we don’t reccomend this.

Example 1: Jacob Kidman and partner
Example 2: Mr. Jacob Kidman and guest


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Special case – Addressing save the date postcards

As save the dates don’t generally contain confidential information, you can send this out in postcard format to save money on buying envelopes. When addressing save the date in postcard format, it is necessary to add a return address in case your postcard gets stuck somewhere during delivery. Make sure to make it clear which one is the recipient address and which one is the return, as some people tend to forget to add ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ on their envelope printing labels and this will confuse the postal service.

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