10 Free Photoshop Templates for Save the Date Cards

Free Photoshop Templates for Save the Date Cards

As restrictions are being lifted in most countries large weddings are slowly being allowed to take place again. Down here in our neighborhood in Melbourne, restaurants are starting to serve full tables again and limitations on the number of guests of weddings are almost gone. What makes it more fun is that Christmas is coming and there is a high chance your 2020 Christmas won’t be repeated again this year (thank God!). It’s finally the perfect time to share quality time with your beloved families without worry, and also a good time to announce your engagement and get your wedding plans under way!

Here at Paperlust we love your wedding preparation journey to be stress-free and joyful, and that’s why this month we are making our favourite save the date cards free. There is nothing wrong with spending as little as possible on save the date cards and keeping the budget for your dream invitations later. We’ve curated our best designs and have them converted to save the date Photoshop templates that are easy to customise. We also include the fonts used in the design to make sure everything is available for you in one click. And what makes this month’s freebies even more special is that we also featured various family events that you will probably need. Either you’re hosting a family reunion, a holiday party or even class reunion, we got everything covered for you. So giddy up and have a look at our very useful tips on how to make your own save the date cards for free.


Design Your Wedding Save the Date Cards Free Online

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The first step in creating a save the date card is always the design. Assuming that you have the wedding date and the location handy, you should be able to start customising your very own save the date cards. Today we’re going to introduce our three best save the date invitations free to download, all having different styles and colours to suit your wedding theme.

The first one above is our favourite tropical design, the White Summer. Nothing more fun than introducing a hint of your wedding straight from your save the date card. This White Summer design is chic, tropical and sweet at the same time.


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The next design is something very enticing since we can’t deny that flowers have a special touch that makes every design sweet, but not too much. This gorgeous modern design called Butterfly has the perfect combination of colours with a sense of classic from the serif texts. Get your own save the date templates Photoshop all ready to download below.


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There’s nothing wrong being a little dark, moody and glamorous with the choice of dark burgundy colours. It’s mysterious but classy at the same time. If you are specifically looking for burgundy coloured save the dates, this Maroon Love free save the date templates is perfect for you. The watercolour element was handmade, making it very unique and enchanting. It’s available for free download below.


How to Keep Your Save The Dates Invitations Free

Once you finish customising our save the date photoshop templates, get your partner to review to make sure all details are correct and that both of you agree to go with that one particular design. And if you’re keen to keep your save the dates free, the next thing you need to do is obviously not to print them as it will cost you at least a few bucks. Simply export the design you’ve created to a Jpeg version which you can share with your friends and family over email or chat. It’s quick, simple and free! Although it seems like people are more likely to appreciate printed save the dates mailed out to them, a virtual card won’t hurt anyone and still can deliver the important message effectively.


Keeping Your Budget Low on Printed Save the Dates

We understand that our idea in the previous section might not work for many people. Some of your guests might not be tech savvy and you’re too worried your guests will easily forget something that they can not hang on their fridge door. To accommodate people who prefer to send their wedding save the dates in physical format but are keen to make it super efficient, postcard save the date card is your answer. These postcards can be sent as they are without any envelopes so they’re very practical. So here goes our save the date postcards free for you, the popular Olive.

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How to Address Save the Date Postcards

As staying organized will help you a lot in sending postcard save the dates without fuss, you need to gather addresses for everyone you plan to invite to the wedding before starting out with the design. Having a spreadsheet handy is very important as you don’t want them to be addressed to wrong people. These simple steps will help you to address your postcard save the dates.

  1. On the right side of your mailing panel, write down your guest names and their complete address clearly. Depending on which style you want to use, you can add Mr. and Mrs before their name. Pro Tip: For married couples, consider combining their last names. For unmarried couples, write out their complete names with an & between them.
  2. If you’re inviting children under 18, list down their names under their parents name
  3. Don’t use nicknames. It is one of the reasons your postcard is not reaching your guest. Use full names if possible so it is easier to notice especially if your guest is living in an apartment building or sharing their place with their big family.
  4. Spell out the full address and don’t miss out any details. Make sure you have the street name, number, suburb, city, postal code and country if you’re delivering international mail.

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Family Reunion Save the Date Templates Free

Besides wedding save the dates, Paperlust also does a lot more types of cards that suit various occasions, one of which is family reunion. While most designs came with wording for wedding purposes, we specifically made these two special save the date designs for family reunion. The first one is the country themed illustration, perfect for hometown reunion, and the second one is a sweet watercolour floral illustration which is perfect for outdoor gatherings. You can download the Photoshop PSD file along with the fonts below.

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Save the date holiday party templates free

Since we’re just a few weeks away from Christmas, some of you might be planning for a holiday party with your big family. These cute modern save the dates designs are perfect to announce your upcoming holiday party with a style. Even though they are not bright red or festive green in colours, the ornaments and shapes still represent the festivity of the holiday events! Get yours by downloading the free save the date Photoshop templates below.

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Free class reunion save the date templates

Taking a trip down memory lane is a good way to remember the old days you spent with familiar faces in your life. That’s why a lot of people decided to host a class reunion event to keep up with each other’s life and flash back to their young age. We’ve created this timeless design to remember the day when you and your friends graduated from high school or university.

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Making your own save the date cards is easy but…

It can be difficult for some of you to find free printable templates, so we’ve created this roundup just for you! Whether you need a wedding save the dates or one with family reunion wording, we have something that will work perfectly for any occasion. However, if none of these are quite what you were looking for, then please send an enquiry our way at support@paperlust.co or browse hundreds of pre-made save the date designs on our website. We’re not lying when we say we will ensure a stress-free journey in ordering save the dates and wedding invitations, so let our experts guide you through. Speak soon!

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