Handcrafted Paper Gems by Kirsten Hassenfeld

Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend when they are made of paper? Well, when they are as stunning and opulent as those created by US-based paper artist Kirsten Hassenfeld, we dare say, yes!

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With paper, one of the most humble, unpretentious materials on earth, Kirsten explores a world of fantasy, luxury and extravagance. She designs meticulous polygonal shapes to form perfectly cut gemstones. The artist spoke with Huffington Post about her construction methods, noting that she creates a plethora of intricate “bits,” and then decides how to assemble. While the result looks quite organised and exact, she admits that it comes about in a very unplanned way. The process is very labour-intensive, involving repeatedly cutting, folding, glueing and occasionally, quilling.


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Kirsten’s art form was born out of inspirational necessity. Upon moving to New York, she moved into a Brooklyn loft across the street from a string of pawn shops. She found the reality of the pawn shop economy, and the many Americans living in the “second economy” during tough economic times, quite depressing, and felt inspired to create a “Viewing Window” in her apartment. This was her first paper sculpture, and her way of solving the problems she saw out her window by decorating them.


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Kirsten has held exhibits around the globe, and you can learn more about her work and latest movements on the artist’s website, here.


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