A Complete Guide to Virtual Wedding Invitations

A Complete Guide to Virtual Wedding Invitations

Before the pandemic, planning a small, intimate wedding or elopements was one way to celebrate without feeling overwhelmed by the larger crowds. However, in some jurisdictions, it is one of the only options now that restrictions are being imposed sometimes with short notice. It might not be everyone’s wedding dream to miss out on inviting all the special people in their life, but some of the time you have no choice but to move on and get going. Nothing can get in the way when it comes to love, but since safety is always the priority, you might need to consider doing a minimony (small ceremony) and save your wedding party for later. You don’t have to worry too much, as the pandemic will surely end and everything will get better to the stage that a wedding party is no longer something to be frightened of.

Out of a lot of available alternatives out there, a virtual wedding has recently become a common type of formal ceremony that is still possible during the pandemic. Now the question is, how do you invite the guests to your virtual wedding? How do you tell them that the party is going to be online and they need to use a certain website/software to join?  If you prefer to send out real invitations but aren’t sure about how to write these important details, the following tips will help you create your very own virtual wedding invitations.  


Important things about wedding invitations for a virtual wedding

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Even though the celebration is virtual, it doesn’t mean the invitations have to be digital. If you want to keep your budget low for the virtual ceremony and go all out later on the big party, you can head to websites like Joy and have your digital invitation made online. However, if you prefer sending a physical invitation to your guests for a keepsake, nothing could go wrong with a neatly printed invitation with all important details enclosed.

Deciding on what’s to include in the invitations (both digital and printed) is the next step in your list. Even though your guests are participating online, you can have your guests experience every part of it just as much if not more than they would at an in-person wedding. If you would like your guests to dress up or bring their own bottle of champagne, it’s important that you make this abundantly clear in the virtual wedding invitation. Adding a QR code to the invitations would also be a great way to ensure that your guests have easy access to your virtual event.

Nonetheless, all potential guests should be made aware of the event so they don’t miss out on your big day. If you think some might not so tech-savvy, call them ahead of time and make sure everything is clear for them.


Virtual wedding invitations wording examples

Inviting someone for a virtual event might be a bit tricky. You want them to attend the event virtually, but at the same time, you don’t want them to be offended because they don’t get to see it in person. If you’re thinking of having a postponed wedding reception at a later date, you need to let the guest know to show that you can’t wait to meet them after the situation gets better. We’ve put together some wedding invitation wording examples for your virtual wedding invitation below:


We’re Going Virtual!

In lieu of the situation

{name} and {name}

Are changing our ceremony to a virtual ceremony

Date & time

Link to access: www.yourweddinglink.com


We look forward to celebrating with you at our wedding reception next year.



Please join us in a

Virtual wedding of

{name} and {name}

As much as we would love to celebrate with you, we can not be together at this time.

Pour yourself a mimosa and join us as we celebrate our love and become husband and wife!

{Date & time}

{Youtube or Zoom link}



We regret to inform you that due to the unforeseen circumstances

the wedding ceremony of

{name} and {name}

will be held virtually on

{Date and time}

Head to our wedding website to watch us exchanging our vows.


We’ll let you know when we’ll be celebrating soon, but for now, please join us in keeping our world safe.


Additional Tip: What digital platform suits your virtual wedding best

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Choosing the right platform for your virtual wedding is not as straightforward since there are plenty of options to choose from. You will need to decide first whether you want a one-way live stream or if you want to be able to see your guests and communicate with them. Here are the pros and cons of each platform.


Zoom wedding invitations and what it means to have a two-way option Zoom Wedding

Zoom has definitely been the most popular for a two-way virtual wedding since attendees can set up Speaker View (ideal for your guests to view your ceremony) or Gallery view (for you, as the couple, so you can see all of your guests’ reactions). Make sure you have a pro account and set a password to the meeting to avoid any uninvited guests!


Livestream wedding invitations and what it will be like to instead Broadcast the wedding

If you think that the most important thing is for your guests to witness your vow virtually without you having to interact directly with them, live streaming is the right option for you. You can set it up on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube and keep the recording forever. Make sure you turn on your comment section so you can read all the lovely comments from your guests afterwards! Most livestream wedding platforms don’t require a password to access them. However, since these links are usually very long to type, you can turn them into a QR code for easier access.

DIY the virtual wedding invitation

If you are looking to save a bit of money and are happy to send the virtual wedding invitation digitally, why not create your own DIY virtual wedding invitation. Paperlust has created a range of wedding invitation background designs that you can download for free here for you to edit the text yourselves.

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