Why we love Yulia Brodskaya!

Illustration from Yulia Brodskaya

It’s no surprise that we love all things paper and now we have discovered someone who appreciates paper art just as much as we do.

Yulia is a well-known illustrator and artist who was initially a graphic designer. She was originally from Moscow and later moved to the US where she discovered her talent. Yulia’s main passion is paper, “now I draw with paper instead of on it”.

She loves to make original paper creations ranging from typography to paper graphic masterpieces.

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To create her projects, she uses paper and glue with different paper placement for each design

Her efforts were noticed by Creative review magazine in 2009 where she was deemed the “breakthrough star” of the year.

Yulia’s quirky artworks have featured in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, as well as being presented at the LCX art exhibition whilst some are owned by Oprah Winfrey.

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Yulia has designed for Neiman Marcus, Starbuck’s, Target, Sephora, Cadbury and many other popular brands.

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Need some inspiration for wedding text or design? Look no further!

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For more about the Yulia’s illustrations and artworks, visit her website here.



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