Wedding Guest Style Guide 2019

Wedding Guest Style Guide 2019

Invited to a wedding and have no idea what to wear? Weddings are a time of joy and celebration, however getting ready for one can be overwhelming if you’re unsure about the dress code! There are a few tips to remember when choosing your look depending on the dress code, so this guide courtesy of will decode them all and help you get sorted for your upcoming wedding in style!


White Tie

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Image: HarperBazaar, GlamCorner

You’ve been invited to a wedding and the dress code is white tie – don’t panic! The white tie dress code is easier to dress for than it sounds. Think of your favourite dresses from The Oscars or any major red carpet event. It is known to be the most formal of all dress codes and requires a full evening dress. Be inspired and go out of your comfort zone with a dazzling beaded fitted gown, a floor-sweeping train or intricate lace number! Whilst this dress code allows you to go full glam with makeup and dramatic jewellery and hair, please keep in mind that you don’t want to steal the show off the bride either!


Black Tie Optional (Formal)

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Image: HarperBazaar

This is a slightly more casual dress code than white tie meaning you have a wider variety of outfit options – so get creative! We’ve seen the tailored pantsuit come back in style in recent years, and it’s here to stay. Even celebs are in on the trend – with some wearing a pantsuit to red carpet events and making a statement. It’s the perfect sophisticated and effortless look,  plus you’ll feel super comfortable on the dancefloor! If the pantsuit is not your style, opt for a long floaty evening dress with a more relaxed silhouette. Whatever style you choose, remember to compliment your outfit with makeup and hair that suits a more formal look – think soft waves and a red lip.


Semiformal (Cocktail)

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This invite is slightly less formal than the black tie option and it also means no full-length dress is required! The only criteria are to keep the hemline of the dress around or below the knee. If the wedding is held during the day, opt for light tones, florals and breezy fabrics! If it’s in the evening, go for dark, formal colours and more structured silhouettes. Have a lovely jumpsuit to wear? Go for it!


Beach wedding

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Image: Popsugar, Instagram, Glamour

Embrace the gorgeous setting with a lovely dress or cute playsuit! Look for relaxed cuts, a light flowing silhouette and summer colours and prints! The weather can also be unpredictable so keep in mind that it can get windy! Maxi dresses are often more appropriate and safer than short dresses, or go for a playsuit to keep it in place. For shoes, save yourself from stumbling in stilettos and be in the comfort of your favourite pair of sandals.


Country Wedding

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Image: HarperBazaar, Alysonhaley

Typically held at a farm, vineyard or garden – this invite is perhaps the most picturesque option of all and you’ll be sure to capture some great photos with the beautiful location setting. Think laidback and playful dresses! A dress that you can move around in and also play with the location of the event with soft tones, florals and lace! Boots look great with a ruffled floral midi dress and are safe to walk in on grass plains and uneven surfaces. To spice up your look, add statement earrings and a bold pop of colour to complete your outfit.


Mystery Wedding Location

No idea where you are getting yourself into? Don’t fret. Be sure to map the location of the wedding and do a search on Instagram or anywhere online! You may find photos of previous weddings that have been held at the location. Also, consider the weather and season. You don’t want to be planning a long sleeve gown for a hot summer day. Still unsure? Ask other guests what they’re planning to wear! At least when you get there, you won’t be facing it alone.

Now that you’ve selected what you’re going to wear to the wedding for the dress code. We have gathered our quick final tips on how to be a great wedding guest!


Don’t wear white

This has been repeated many times and for good reason. Don’t wear white or anything close to white like pale blue or ivory. It can be misleading and you want the bride to feel really special on her day. Why wear white when there are so many colours on the colour chart!


Experiment with jumpsuits

Effortless, chic and certainly more acceptable at weddings nowadays – it’s the perfect piece to wear for a modern update on the traditional cocktail dress.


Prep your heels

There is nothing worse than having the perfect attire and then having to fear the heels you’re about to step into! If you’re constantly slipping because of your new shoes, you can roughen up the bottom of your heels with sandpaper to create more friction. You can also break in your shoes with a hairdryer and then gently twist and bend the shoes. Don’t go overboard though! You want to keep its shape. A simple hack is to stretch it is to wear shoes with socks to stretch them out.


This was a guest post by Hayley Pham from GlamCorner.


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