Top 5 Sydney Wedding Venues with Invitations to Match

Gunners Barracks

We know all too well that trying to find a perfect wedding invitation before choosing a venue can be quite hard: We also know that trying to find the perfect venue in Sydney before you find the wedding invite to match is even harder!

To help ease the strain, Paperlust sent Aimee Malotsis to discover the hidden gems of Sydney’s wedding locations, with a side of tasty invitations to match.

Finding the perfect wedding invitation in Sydney can be like finding a very pretty needle in a pile of trendy hay – a beautiful but painstaking process of elimination!

There are so many things to consider when looking for a wedding invite:

“Are they attractive?”

“Are they affordable?”

“Are they good quality?”

“Can I change the wording?”

Yet when getting down to the nitty gritty, your invite needs to not only reflect the two of you as a couple and the happiness attached to this pretty piece of paper, but also embody the environment and energy that this joyous occasion will be occurring in.

Sydney is filled with an abundance of incredible locations for you to house (or not house!) your wedding. With beautiful beaches, stunning gardens and views you have a long list to sift through in your quest to find the whereabouts of your nuptials! So without further ado, I’ve collated five wedding locations in Sydney to suit various types of weddings, and I have fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole to source related invitations to help narrow your search.

The Location: Centennial Parklands
The Invitation: Garden Party

Centennial ParklandsShare on Pinterest

It goes without saying that a wedding located in the gardens deserves a garden invitation to match. The beauty of these invitations is the variety of different styles there are to choose from. From watercolour florals or leafy autumn sketches to a blind letterpress bouquet, you can never really go wrong but you can easily get lost!

Strip it back and consider the surrounds; do you want contrast, or do you want to complement the area? From there you can discern the bigger details which will follow through to the little ones. All that’s left is to get your partner to approve!

Centennial Parklands Share on Pinterest–letterpress-digital–love-me-tender-invitation/

Centennial Parklands InvitationShare on Pinterest

Centennial Parklands InvitationShare on Pinterest

The Location: Gunners Barracks
The Invitations: Rustic

Gunners BarracksShare on Pinterest

Gunners Baracks is in all aspects rustic with an old time charm. So what better to complement it than with an invitation that’s warm and inviting? Rustic invitations are like that hearty meal on a Sunday afternoon: always received well and looked back on fondly!

Believe it or not, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean kraft paper! Feel free to stick with simple designs, cute animals or calligraphy and you’ll be right as rain!

Gunners Barracks invitationShare on Pinterest–print-on-wood–simple-elegance-invitations/

Gunners Barracks invitationShare on Pinterest

Gunners Barracks invitationShare on Pinterest

The Location: Dunbar House
The Invitations: Vintage Classic

Dunbar HouseShare on Pinterest,_Watsons_Bay/#.V_xCNBB96b8

Dunbar house is a perfect fusion of tradition and class. When it comes to your invitations, it’s not all just black and white!

Your wedding invites should not only embody a classy soiree but can also be on the fun side of things. This location easily allows for a bit of colour (or a sliver of foil!) to grace your magical Sydney wedding invite.

Rule of thumb? Simple and elegant typefaces, or some luscious calligraphy will do perfectly to express your pre-vogue occasion.

Dunbar House InvitationShare on Pinterest–foil-stamp–geometric-diagonal-invitations/

Dunbar House InvitationShare on Pinterest

Dunbar House InvitationShare on Pinterest

The Location: Jonah’s
The Invitation: Tropical Watercolour

Jonah’sShare on Pinterest

Waterside weddings: who needs Bali when you have such picturesque homegrown locations not too far from the Sydney CBD!

From beaches to lakes, waterside weddings don’t have to be all Hawaiian plumeria flowers, but anything tropical under the sun. A splash of watercolour, a few stunning foil ferns or a wash of hypnotising waves on your wedding invitation and you’ve set the scene for a vibrant and fun-filled wedding.

And all without the pain of flight delays, sore necks and in-laws who are afraid of flying! How fabulous.

Jonah’s InvitationShare on Pinterest–digital-cards–watercolour-splash-invitations/

Jonah’s InvitationShare on Pinterest

Jonah’s InvitationShare on Pinterest

The Location: 3 Blue Ducks
The Invitation: Foil Fun

3 Blue DucksShare on Pinterest

Warehouse weddings: need we say more? They are just so incredibly versatile, you can leave them alone with all of their exposed glory or make the space your own – it’s the perfect blank canvas for creative types!

If there is any kind of invitation we can recommend that can match these majestic locations, it’d have to be gold foil wedding invitations. They’re glitzy, fabulous and are a great contrasting detail for the location – all while being just that little bit fancy for such an event as your wedding!

3 Blue Ducks InvitationShare on Pinterest–foil-stamp–xo-invitations/

3 Blue Ducks InvitationShare on Pinterest

3 Blue Ducks InvitationShare on Pinterest

As you can see, Sydney is filled with an abundance of locations to have your wedding, and each of these locations have design trends to match that you can always rely on for your invitations.

When researching for the perfect Sydney wedding invite, think back to basics — but that doesn’t have to mean playing it safe! Some of the most basic, classic attributes of invitation design are what makes them last.

Have fun and experiment with your design until you are happy that they are the ones for you!
Oh, and then show your partner ;)

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