How to Find the Perfect Wedding Jewellery

Find the Perfect Wedding Jewellery

Congratulations, your big day is almost here! Though your gown is definitely the most important piece of the day, the jewellery you choose to complement it can really bring out the beauty. Though there are no rules set in stone, but generally the pieces should enhance – not overpower – your look.

Choosing the perfect jewellery doesn’t have to be difficult. Rushing to pick out jewellery can be stressful, so begin choosing jewellery soon after you have selected your gown to allow plenty of time. Remember to keep it simple and follow a few loose guidelines:


Preserve Your Style

Being comfortable in your gown is the key to feeling like yourself on one of the most important days of your life. When we’re uncomfortable, it can be difficult to enjoy ourselves. You want to remember this day fondly, so it’s important to feel good about what you’re wearing. This is your special occasion, so be yourself!


Pair Colours Together

To strike a perfect balance, it is advised to match metals and stones among your pieces, which should also match your dress. Bright white gowns go well with bright metals like silver and platinum; pearls go well with brilliant white. Creamy ivory toned dresses go well with warm metals like yellow gold. If blush or pink tones are more your style, consider pairing with rose or white gold. Rose gold goes great with ivory gowns, but if your dress is stark white, it may look better paired with platinum. Try to match the colour of the stones across all pieces of jewellery to really bring your look together.

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Make a Bolder Statement Using Fewer Pieces

With so many options, it can be difficult to settle on anything. In following with the theme of keeping it simple, choose your accessories conservatively. For example: if you opt for a flashy necklace, consider stud earrings and a simple bracelet. Don’t let your jewellery become the star of the show. Keep your colours and metals consistent and don’t use too much jewellery. Of course, your ring is often the best starting point for making a statement, particularly if it’s unique: “A unique ring can be superbly stylish,” says Kristen from American Tungsten. It actually does have a starring role in the proceedings, so let it have the attention it needs by balancing it with other jewellery selections.


Take the Neckline of the Dress into Account

The neckline of your gown is an important consideration when choosing your wedding jewellery. It is advised that you choose pieces that do not overlap or touch the dress. If you opted for an intricately decorated neckline, a simple necklace should pair well with it that doesn’t distract from the embellishment. Strapless dresses are a popular choice for modern wedding gowns and pair well with eye-catching pieces. A V-neck styled dress may go better with a simple pendant or choker. With a halter style neckline, you may even forgo the necklace and focus more on a pair of chandelier earrings.


The Style of Your Dress Matters

Ideally, the style of jewellery should match the style of dress for the best look. A simple dress may look out of place when paired with bright and flashy baubles. For a simple dress, good suggestions include pearls and delicate diamonds. For a gown with a little more glitz, you can complement it with subdued pieces to bring out the dress – or to really stand out, match with something bright and glittering. Lacy dresses tend to blend well with vintage and ornate pieces.

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Don’t Mix Metals

In addition to matching the colour of the metal in your jewellery, it should be the same type across all pieces. There is some wiggle room for variation in your engagement and wedding bands, but ideally, all other pieces should be in harmony. Mixing up metals and finishes can ruin an otherwise cohesive outfit.


Try It on and Ask for Advice

Different skin tones pair best with different metals and stones. The colour and style of your dress are also going to dictate what looks best. It can be difficult to visualise all the pieces together in your head: it’s important to try it on! Ideally, you will have time to experiment to find the perfect combination for you. Feedback from others can be invaluable in determining what you may eventually settle on, so get lots of it.


Coordinate with Your Bridesmaids

A cohesive colour scheme coordinated among your bridesmaids can have a stunning effect. Your bridesmaids are there to support you, so pick jewellery that matches the theme and their personality. Remember previous advice and keep it simple and follow the pattern. Beyond just looking good in the photos, these pieces can be given as gifts and cherished for many years.

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After the Ceremony and Beyond

With all the stress a wedding can bring, it’s not uncommon after the ceremony to want to cut loose. This presents another opportunity to change it up with different accessories. Let your hair down and put on that gaudy necklace. Make the most of the event!

Choosing jewellery that you can wear even after your wedding may be something to consider. You may even be able to justify spending a little extra if the item is something that will be utilised in the future or even passed on to your descendants.


Picking out your perfect jewellery doesn’t have to be stressful – if you start after you’ve chosen your gown. Keep colours and styles consistent among all pieces and choose what suits your dress the best. Following some simple advice, you can achieve the style you’ve always dreamed of for that special day!

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