There are plenty of ways that you can add to your Wedding invitation or wedding invitation suite to make them pop for your guest. A wedding invitation, as well as a formal way to invite your guests, can help set the mood and theme of your wedding. We pulled together a few ways you could assemble your invitation and add that something little extra.

Dressing your wedding invitations with bows

When assembling wedding invitations, ribbons are easy to source from any local craft and stationery store or you can even hand make some from tearing and trimming old (or new) fabric. If the material is frayed properly, this can add a very heritage look to your invitations.  Dressing your wedding invitations with bows can add a touch of color to your invitation that could indicate your wedding colors, what your bridesmaid gown’s colors will be and set the tone for your guest.

Feel free to discuss with the Paperlust team on which colour matches your invitation design perfectly. The following are some examples on how you can step up the way you present your wedding invitations.

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Twine and tag

For a rustic look, get a customised matching tag with your initials or names, or guest names to intertwine with the twine (you can use your ribbon too if it’s thin enough) and wrap around your invite/invitation suite. This style is straightforward and easy to assemble whilst adding that extra touch of personalization to your wedding invitations.

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Dried leaves/flowers

Time to channel the inner florist in you! Take your time finding dried leaves and flowers with longer stems to add to your invitation. You could use a little glue or tape to hold the flower in place, or if you have access to wax seal that is also an option. Tip: Flattening and drying your flower beforehand when assembling wedding invitations helps the whole suite sit inside your envelope nicely. 

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You could also use herbs instead of flowers! Depending on which herb you use, they do leave a scent on your invitation and your guest will get a strong whiff when they open their envelopes. Herbs with strong scent that will hold together nicely once dried include: Rosemary, sage and thyme.

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Use Vellum

Vellum is a type of transparent paper that has been trending in the Wedding industry. It is used to add minimal layers to enhance your wedding suite. A simple vellum wrap or vellum belly band adds a luxe presentation and your guest will sure to have a memorable unwrapping experience. Vellum can also be used as an alternative to ribbon.

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Dress your envelopes

Want something less finicky but still have that WOW factor? Try decorating your envelope instead. You can simply add envelopes liners (Paperlust envelope liners require some assembly) to give your invitation look a little boost and since liners are printed, the options are endless. You could go with a simple solid color to tie in your wedding theme, get a certain flower pattern printed, or get foil liners to make it sparkle! Tip: we find this works best accompanied by a minimal invitation.

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We hope the task of assembling wedding invitations has become one you are looking forward to with our inspirational ideas. It has probably sparked ideas of your own!

Paperlust also offers envelope printing to put you at ease with the long list of names and addresses to write. With the massive range of fonts we have in our library, including the ones you used on your invites, we can match it anyway you want. And not to mention that we can also print cool graphics on your envelopes to make it even more exceptional. City skyline, greeneries, hand drawn image of your wedding location, you name it!

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Have an idea that you want to try out? Pop an email to support@paperlust.co and see if we can help =]

Wax Seal Wedding Invitations

Wax seal wedding invitations add an elegant look that will truly wow your guests. It isn’t common to get a letter with a wax seal on it, so your guests will be impressed when they hold the wedding invitation in their hands. They will surely know this is a very important delivery. 

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You can have customized wax seals made with a design like your initials or wedding logo on them and then you seal your envelopes by hand by melting wax, carefully dripping it onto the envelope and then sealing it with your wedding seal. 

There is something meditatively relaxing and certainly sentimental about sealing each wedding invitation with wax. It is time consuming and a little messy as you put a small piece of wax in a metal holder to melt the wax over a flame. When the wax becomes liquid you carefully pour the wax onto the envelope then press the seal onto it. 

You can also buy pre-made wax stamps and glue them onto the envelopes with a hot glue gun which is faster. 

With wax seals you can choose from colors like blush, rose, gold, antique gold and classic white. You can even go for black if you are going for a moody vibe. Assembling wedding invitations is a joy with beautiful wedding wax seals.

You can use the seal for more than just your wedding stationery. Some couples put their stamp of artistic wax on the menus, the seating chart or wedding favors. As well your wax seal stamp will be a treasured keepsake from your wedding day.

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The use of wax seals dates back to the Middle Ages and we’ve all seen Kings and Queens open wax-sealed messages in the movies. Later on in history love letters were sealed with wax and today, they are still used for important occasions and carry a very romantic and timeless sentimental notion. For a wedding, wax seal wedding invitations are the height of elegance and sophistication when we live in times that even getting a letter in the mail is becoming rare. 

How to package wedding invitations – One option is Box Wedding Invitations

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If you really want to present your guests with a stylish announcement, box wedding invitations should be considered. Being a guest at your wedding is a gift, so why not box up the invite and make it extra special? 

If you want to put anything extra inside the box, it’s possible too. A small gift, a photo of you both from your engagement photo session, or some sweet treats can all be added to the wedding invitation box. The box makes a lovely keepsake too.

You can order wedding invitation boxes in all shapes and sizes for assembling wedding invitations creatively and beautifully. Most are made from quality cardboard, but we’ve seen a few crafted from wood, acrylic and other sturdy materials. You can add jewels, ribbon, or other decorations to make the wedding invite box really unique and personal. 

Although classic black and white are lovely, you can order boxes in any color of the rainbow, including bright and tropical or feminine pastels. Basically, you can style the box to match your wedding theme, decor, or color palette to make everything look effortlessly cohesive from the first moment you announce your best day ever.

Your stationery suite is well-protected in a wedding invitation box and is ideal if you are sending invites abroad. So they are practical as well as pretty.

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