Disney Wedding Invitations

Disney Wedding Invitations- Pocahontas

Disney has played a huge part in crafting the fairytale world in which many little girls imagine their ideal wedding. Now you’re all grown up – but you’ve finally found your prince and you still want your fairytale. How do you find the balance between childhood wonder and grown up elegance? The answer is pulling in themes and elements from fairytales to create a Disney wedding theme without having to revive your old Disney stationery from primary school. Whether it’s blue and yellow Alice in Wonderland wedding invites, cute Tinkerbell invitations or Nightmare Before Christmas wedding invitations, there are sneaky ways to incorporate these favourite storylines into your special day.

Snow White

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Snow White was the original Disney princess, and she’s still very popular today. This design ‘White Lisianthus’ by talented designer Mai H. is perfect for your Snow White invitations – the rose representing the flowers surrounding her as she lies waiting for the prince’s kiss, and the white theme for the title.

You could dress your bridesmaids in capped sleeves and wear red lipstick and some kind of headpiece yourself. Other ways to tie a Snow White motif into your wedding would be an apple themed dessert or prince and princess figurines as cake toppers.

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Invitations

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Disney Wedding Invitations- Beauty and the Beast 1Share on Pinterest

For the girls who like bright colours and fantasy novels, Beauty and the Beast wedding invitations might be right up your alley. Our gold foil ‘Wedding Petals’ by Hasanah M. could be a trendy take on the enchanted rose in the west wing, and the ‘Bronte’ design by Amelia S. features the colour of Belle’s dress in the ballroom scene with the Beast.

‘Be our guest’ wedding invitations could perfectly complement a French-style feast. If you are hosting an afternoon wedding, serve a sumptuous high tea featuring croissants, chocolate eclairs and meringue. Why stop there? Castle themed wedding venues are available all across the country and you could find a spot for your ceremony or photos that includes some red roses or climbing ivy. There is also the option of yellow off the shoulder dresses for your bridesmaids to match yellow rose boutonnieres on the groomsmen. With a phrase like ‘be our guest’, you couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use it on the front of your guest book or as a sign at the entrance to your reception venue (you could even do some signage in French).


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With Cinderella it’s all about the dress. This design, ‘Beach’ by Amelia S. is a very subtle link to Cinderella but matches her dress colour almost exactly. You could select a princess style gown and wear your hair piled high in a do similar to hers – with your glass slippers peeking out from the hemline of your dress as you walk down the aisle, of course!

Cinderella wedding invitations don’t have to have a trail of mice running along the bottom of the paper – we know you’re all about keeping it classy. If you want to turn it up a notch, why not hire a horse-drawn carriage to drive you and the girls to the ceremony?


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As one of the more recent fairytales to grace the silver screen, Frozen isn’t just about a pretty girl in a pretty dress. The good news is that your icy fairytale wedding invitations can take many forms and still be on theme. Any of the designs above could easily be incorporated into a Frozen themed wedding, with the snowflake-inspired border of ‘Elegant Collection’ by Haley J. being perfect for a winter wedding. Intricate origami snowflakes could be scattered over navy table runners or you could order sugary snowflake favours to thank your guests.

To incorporate some Elsa mojo into your dress, consider making long sleeves and a beautiful flowing train the feature of the gown. If you have long, thick hair a loose braid could look amazing. If you relate more to Ana, you could choose flowers in magenta and varying shades of blue to pay tribute to her signature outfit.

Moana, or Lilo and Stitch

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This tropical design ‘Aloha Florals’ by Emily B. could work perfectly for either a Moana or Lilo and Stitch inspired wedding. For Disney invitations that are ideal for a beach, island or destination wedding, select this design to have a little fun with your big day. You could customise the words to subtly incorporate a quote from Moana and Lilo and Stitch. For example the quote “Happiness is where you are” from Moana can be romantic in the context of a wedding invitation.

The other way you could incorporate the island spirit into your beach wedding would be a flower in your hair, some light henna or temporary gold tattoos on your hands, or tropical flowers and greenery in your bouquet.


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As we hope to have made clear, Disney princess invitations don’t have to be in your face. This ‘Seashore’ design by Inggrid H. immediately conjures up images from the song ‘Colours of the Wind’ – the crowd favourite from Pocahontas. You don’t have to be Native American to blend elements of the Pocahontas film into your wedding – this beautiful classic about courage and friendship appeals to anyone!

In keeping with the golden bronze theme of this invitation, you could use beautiful autumnal tones in your bouquet and on your cake. Earthy tones could be a theme throughout your whole day, with lanterns to create mood lighting at your reception, bronze leaf key rings as favours, and bronze goblets on the bridal table. The paint strokes at the top of this invitation are reminiscent of burlap, which you could use as table runners or tied around the ceremony chairs as sash decorations. Accessories for the bridal party could follow an arrow or feather theme and if you’re planning a casual wedding you could wear brown strappy sandals. Done!

The Little Mermaid

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The Little Mermaid could come to life in so many different invitations but this design ‘Blue Like the Ocean’ by Mai H. is a great way to subtly weave Ariel’s mermaid magic into your beach wedding. Storybook wedding invitations are a way to satisfy that inner young girl who wants to see her fairytale dreams realised. Disney’s The Little Mermaid has become a total cult classic and if you want Ariel to be part of your day, there are many ways to do it.Short of some red hair dye and a few animation workers sketching us into perfection, we might not be able to recreate Ariel’s perfect, voluminous hair (sad, we know). You could use a purple shell design to hold favours (or candles for centrepieces), three pronged gold candelabras at your reception (to look like tridents), soft green bridesmaid dresses coupled with red lipstick for your bridal party, or a blue bow for your flower girl’s hair. Whichever ways you choose, just make sure that the colours blend well to prevent it becoming tacky. Ask yourself: would people notice the Disney theme if I didn’t tell them?

General Disney motifs

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Disney Wedding Invitations- General Disney motifs 1Share on Pinterest

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Some people don’t like the idea of matching a particular princess or story, but still want to have general Disney themed wedding invitations. That’s totally okay.

A photo card like ‘Happily Ever After’ by Yunita Y. gives you so much flexibility. You and your fiancé could have fun dressing up for a photoshoot in Disney themed (or just old fashioned) clothing and pick the best image to display on your wedding invitation. If this sounds like you, get down to your local costume shop – stat!

The princess theme implies a royal wedding, so whether it’s ‘Regal Wreath’ by James B., with a classic gold foil, or ‘Vintage Cobalt’ by Stefan A., whose green could be a subtle nod to Merida’s Brave, The Little Mermaid or The Princess and the Frog, these elegant designs are just the thing to get your guests in the fairytale frame of mind.

In summary…

How overt you want to be with the Disney elements of your wedding is completely up to you. There’s nothing stopping you from going all out – but just ask yourself whether you’ll still think it’s amazing in a couple of years time. You can be as general or specific as you like, and not everyone has to know that you had Disney in mind. Armed with all these ideas, your once upon a time wedding invitations should be a cinch!

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