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This exciting new collaboration started with Burnt Butter and Paperlust being neighbours (literally a few doors down from each other). Being in the events industry, we just had to do a collaboration! Shab and Lisa worked on a concept to suit both Paperlust and Burnt Butter by choosing bridal shower parties as the focus.

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To learn more about Burnt Butter we also interviewed Lisa co founder of Burnt butter to get insight into the busy life of our local cake makers

  • What is Burnt Butter’s favourite event to arrange cakes for?
    We love baking for all occasions! We do however love the reactions of young children when their cake is revealed and is better than what they had imagined. It’s just magical!
  • How easy is it for customers to arrange their party with Burnt Butter?
    Super easy. All of our pre-designed cakes, sweet treats, balloons and party ware are online. Clients can simply browse and purchase from the comfort of home any time they please. For those who love to see and feel products our party shop is situated in Swan St Richmond and is a paradise for party lovers!
  • What’s been your favourite part about this collaboration?
    Working with another local Richmond creative! We have admired Paperlust for many years and it’s been so lovely seeing your incredible products in person.
  • Was there a particular event/party that sparked the idea for this business? (It may even be a party disaster you witnessed).
    Our business as it is today evolved from our cafe (also named Burnt Butter which was in South Melbourne). Mum (Glenda) placed a cake in the window the very first week she opened and our “professional” cake business grew from there. (We have been baking together for 30+ years). Eventually we became so busy we decided to sell the cafe business and focus on cakes. Fabulous parties and party products were emerging at the time and we noticed our clients were all purchasing online from a variety of suppliers and asking us to match their cakes to their party ware. We thought, wouldn’t it be great to bring it all together for them with balloons so they could literally just make one stop!
  • What is your favourite kind of cake?
    It would have to be our caramel mud with salted caramel ganache or maybe our lemon mud with layers of luscious lemon curd and white chocolate ganache. Oh it’s too hard to decide!

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About the process

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We wanted the bridal shower invitations and welcome sign to look feminine and fun, and set about to create the perfect design using a vibrant mix of pink flowers and cake. Who doesn’t get excited about cake when they see their invites!

We also designed the most adorable baby shower invitations together, which Burnt Butter can make a matching cake to.

About the design and print

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Thinking about our vision for the design, Shab got together a mood board to help figure out colours, textures and fonts. Once she and Lisa had decided on the elements that were just right, Shab set about designing the perfect bridal shower and baby shower invites. The design is made so it can be customised in our real foil and digital print, which is great for those brides-to-be wanting to add a little bit of shine to their welcome sign or their bridal shower invitations.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/burntbuttercakes/

Website: https://www.burntbuttercakes.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burntbuttercakeandpartyshop/?ref=hl

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