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What’s a good invite without a quality envelope to send it in? At Paperlust, all of our invitations, rsvp cards and thank you cards come with our crisp white envelopes. But if white isn’t your thing we have a large range of stock options and if you have something special in mind, our custom design team can source something especially for your special day.


As well as our beautiful crisp white Paperlust envelopes, we also hold a stock range of recycled, metallic and neutral options for a small additional charge.

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premium white







hunter green

dessert blue




cocktail hour



forest green


wild rose




Duck Egg Blue



Burnt Orange
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We have a large range of standard envelope liners for purchase including gold, silver, black and patterned, or we can easily produce custom liners to match your design for your special occasion. Simply contact our customer service team with your request and we can have them produced and shipped out with your order.

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dancing daisy

delicate leaves

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gold leaf

green and gold



love garden





rustic dreams

rustic pampas


white rose

wild flower

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For a small additional charge, we can save you time and print your addresses directly onto the front of the envelopes. Choose from a large range of design options, or have our custom design team create one for you. We can also print your return address on the back.

Wedding Invitation Envelopes

When it comes to wedding invitations, the prettiness and presentation is important so we mustn't forget about the envelopes. At Paperlust, we are passionate about all things paper, so we have a soft spot for the envelopes which we see are the icing on the cake, the red lipstick that completes the outfit, or the gin in the martini - basically, envelopes are really important!

We supply quality wedding invitation envelopes with an impressive range of options. Yes, weddings come with 1,000 decisions to be made, and even your wedding invitation envelopes need to be carefully selected. Let's look at the options and find the envelope worthy of carrying your most important announcement this year.

All of our wedding invitations, RSVP cards and thank you cards come with quality white envelopes. They are classic and timeless, but you can jazz it up by adding a splash of color for a small additional cost. We have pretty shades, including blush, mint, dessert blue, navy, mulberry, ebony, plum, witch hazel and wild rose. Some of them sound good enough to eat!

You might want to match your wedding invitation envelope with the color theme of your wedding or perhaps you simply have a favorite color. When the mail arrives and there are a bunch of white and brown envelopes with one brightly colored one amongst them, you naturally reach for the eye-catching one. It is obviously something exciting or special, and when your wedding guests see an envelope in a lovely shade, they will be reaching for it with anticipation.

Also, text and stamps really stand out and pop when they are on colored paper. A colored envelope can add drama to the presentation of your wedding invitation.

We also have a service to print addresses on the envelopes for you. What could be easier? In the perfect font, maybe elegant calligraphy or a classic bold font, we can print directly onto the paper envelopes and we can custom add design elements such as your wedding logo, flowers, symbols, or any other graphic you wish. Your return address can be included on the back of the envelope. Customizing your envelopes is a thoughtful touch that adds subtle sophistication to your wedding invitations.

Did you know we have an address manager where you can input the names and addresses of your guests, so everything is organized to perfection as soon as we've confirmed the design and you are ready to print? You can add to before or after you place your order too. We have many social couples who make new friends and add to their wedding invitation list after the initial order.

With the outside of the envelope looking exceptional, we now have to think about the inside. Inner or envelope liners were traditionally used to help protect wedding invitations which were often hand-delivered. These days the focus is more on how an envelope liner can make your invitations look more aesthetically pleasing. The envelope liner is a piece of paper or thin card that fits inside the envelope and folds down with the envelope flap. To keep them firmly in place, adhesive is used. When your guests open the envelope, they see the liner and get a hint of what is inside. It can create an almost poetic feeling!

The liner can be any color or design so you can match your wedding theme, add your personal touch or simply add a splash of color to brighten up your wedding invitation. We have solid colors like gold leaf, noir, and silver and patterns like tropical leaves and floral options. You can also use the liners to add important information such as maps, messages, imagery and more.

If you are thinking of customizing your envelope liners, our Paperlust design team loves making creative envelope liners and is excited to hear your vision.

We also have pocketfold envelopes that come creased and flat, ready to fold up. Pocketfold invitations are like wallets with an opening flap on one side. You can request a custom order here. These kinds of wedding invitation pocket envelopes are quite popular.

As you can see, there is a lot more to envelopes for wedding invitations than the plain white option. You can dress up your gorgeous wedding invitations and other wedding stationery with lovely envelopes and envelope liners that are fancy, funky, or customized to your wedding theme cohesively and effortlessly.

When it comes to wedding invitations envelopes, the options are only limited by your creative imagination. See below for options for wedding invitation envelope size and start planning what your wedding invitations and cards will be dressed in when they make the journey from your home, through the postal system, and into the hands of your best friends and loved ones.

Wedding Invitation Envelopes Sizes And Dimensions

  • Invites: 130mm x 190mm
  • RSVP/Save the dates: 114mm x 162mm
  • DL envelope (Tall Invitations): 110mm x 220mm

For all of your wedding invitation envelope printing needs Paperlust has you covered!