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Wedding Invitation Templates

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Wedding Invitation Templates

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Wedding Invitation Templates

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Currently no wedding invitation templates available for purchase. Browse our wedding invitation templates collection to find what are you looking for.


The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

What to look for in wedding invitation templates

Whether you’re scouring the Internet for free online wedding invitation templates or you’re prepared to purchase a design from an independent creator, it pays to choose carefully. There are thousands of options around, so you’ll need to know how to narrow them down and find templates that are perfect for you. Some of the things you need to consider are design, simplicity, editing, layout, and the source. 

Does the template have a beautiful design?

First and foremost, you have to like the design of any potential invitation for wedding templates you might make use of. Look for something that is classy and is well-designed: a cohesive colour scheme, readable and complementary typefaces and balanced design elements. Make sure it fits with your overall vision for the day.

How simple is the template design and layout?

A simple design will be easier to make professional-looking from a template, since there are fewer elements to be messed up by your edits. A simpler design will also be easier to print using your own printer compared with a busy design that takes a lot of ink. 

Is the template easy to edit? 

Make sure you know exactly what is required to edit the wedding invitation template. Can it be done in Word or Pages, or do you need a specialised program like Photoshop or InDesign? If the template can be customised in an online editor, is the website intuitive and easy to use? Are all the elements able to be altered, or just some of them?

Will the layout fit your name and details?

Some design templates come with sample names like ‘Aly & Dan’, and don’t look quite the same when you substitute your own longer name. ‘Anastasia & Dominic’ will take up a very different amount of space in the design and create an entirely different look. That’s fine, of course, but make sure you factor the difference into your decision making.

Is the free template ethically sourced? 

If you’re looking for free online invitation templates, always make sure you’re using templates provided by the actual designer responsible for their creation. Don’t take dodgy screenshots of people’s livelihood or download templates that have been bought once and reproduced for free without the artist’s permission.

Pros and cons of using invitation templates

There are pros and cons to everything, and invitation templates are no exception! They usually help keep you within your budget and require less up-front costs, but they can take time and skill to put together, come in a more limited range of designs, and are usually of a lower quality than professionally printed invitation suite. Make sure your expectations are reasonable and you know what you’re choosing. 


Working with a wedding invitation template can help keep you within a tight budget, provided you also select affordable materials to work with in putting everything together. Instead of paying one larger sum to order your invitations and having everything else taken care of by a company, you are able to pay smaller amounts for individual components as you go: paper, ink, envelopes etc. and scrimp on price without running into problems with sketchy internet businesses whose prices are too good to be true but don’t seem all that reliable.

Range of choices

Your options are limited by choosing to work with a template, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your needs. You are usually limited to simple ink on paper, rather than premium print techniques like letterpress, foil stamping, print on wood or white ink. If you are looking for a free template this limits you even further, since most designers choose not to offer their best designs for free. This can make it more difficult to find something that perfectly matches what you are looking for, but it could also help you navigate the overwhelming sea of wedding invitation choices that are out there!

Quality of finished product

It is very difficult to replicate professional print quality on a home printer, so make sure you know the result you are likely to get by looking into what your printer is capable of. Going in with realistic expectations helps prevent disappointment later on. You can increase your chances of getting a high quality finish by choosing premium paper and ink, but be aware that not all printers are capable of printing on all kinds of paper. Do your research in advance for the best outcomes.

Time and work required

Using invitation templates is a form of DIY, so make sure you factor that into your decision! There is a solid time investment required to get good results, and a certain amount of skill is needed to get it all right. If you’re time rich and money poor, templates can save the date! But if you’re planning your wedding on a tight time frame or you’re working full time, don’t forget to think about the hours you will need to spend working at the printer to get everything finished.

How to print free online invitation templates

So you’ve found the perfect free online invitation templates and you’ve customised them to your heart’s content. Now what? How can you print your invitations in a way that ensures the best possible results?

Get the sizing right

Check with the template creator what size the template is designed to be printed at. For example, our free birthday invitation templates are intended to be printed as A5 invites. Many other free online invitation templates are also A5, but you should always make sure rather than assume. The size details will affect how much paper and ink you need to buy, so make sure to have these details confirmed before you hit the shops. 

High quality paper and ink - plenty of it

Go shopping for the best quality paper and ink you can afford. This makes all the difference to the final results of your template print job! Ideally you should do this in person so you can chat to the experts about what paper and ink is best for your printer - not all printers are able to print on thicker paper or different textures of paper. Shopping in person will also allow you to feel different paper in person, see how the light reflects on the page, and make sure it’s not cheap because it’s nasty. Pro tip: Get more paper and ink than you think you need. You can return anything you don’t use later, and it saves you from the drama of running out at a key moment or coming back to find out the shop has run out of the product you need.

Let the ink dry properly!

There’s no faster way to ruin your home-printed wedding invitations than by smudging the ink everywhere as they come out of the printer. Don’t fall at this last hurdle! Patience is everything here. Check for settings on your printer that allow you to automatically leave a minute or two between prints, or be on hand to remove fresh prints from the printer tray and lay them out to dry individually. 

If you follow these guidelines, it’s just a matter of opening the document, finalising your edits, and following the directions that come with your printer. If you didn’t keep the instruction manual, try a quick search online to find a copy of it. There will often be specific advice from the manufacturer for large print jobs or different settings for using different paper stock. Make the most of these to ensure you have the best finished invitations you can manage. 


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