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Cheap Wedding Invitations That Aren’t ‘Cheap’

Weddings are expensive, so most brides and grooms are looking for ways on how to save money on wedding invitations and save money on their wedding costs and expenses. Invitations are no exception. Since wedding stationery is usually one of the first purchases made, cheap save the dates and cheap wedding invites are highly requested (no one wants to blow the budget right at the beginning). So how do you go about finding the perfect cheap wedding invitations Australia-wide or internationally?


Work out your budget for affordable wedding invitations

First things first, you need to determine your budget, both for your wedding as a whole and for invitations in particular. Be realistic about how much you can afford and how far that money needs to stretch. You may not want to just Google ‘free printable invitations’ and hope for the best when it comes to your big day, but that doesn’t mean you automatically have to go to the other extreme and order ten different cards printed in letterpress on double thickness card.

When you’re budgeting for your invitations, make sure you factor in all the necessary expenses, including shipping, envelopes, stamps and the cost of all the cards you want to include in your invitation suite. This usually isn’t just the invitations: think about rsvp cards, save the dates and thank you cards as well. 

Once you’ve got a budget in mind, it’s time to start shopping around. Finding great-looking affordable wedding invitations online isn’t just a myth, we promise. 


Beware scammy companies offering super cheap invitations online

If you’re looking for cheap wedding invitations, it’s tempting to just find the lowest prices available online without giving much thought to the source. I don’t need to tell you that the cheapest aren’t always the best quality. Remember the first rule of the internet (and life in general): If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you Google 'wedding invitations cheap UK' and see invitations for under $1, this is a huge sign you will risk getting terrible quality. Even the most insanely cheap wedding invites will cost you a fairly significant amount of money, so it’s not worth the risk of getting ripped off. Some ‘companies’ will take your payment and run, others will send you something completely unlike what you ordered, and still others will send you something sort of like what you ordered but on flimsy paper, with off-centre printing, misspellings and other errors all over the place. In a worst case scenario, they may even steal your credit card information. You’ll almost never be able to contact them for customer service after you’ve placed your order. Who needs this right as they’re planning the most important event of their life? While cheap options online are a possibility, the risk you have to take for the cheapest invitations is generally more trouble than it’s worth (we’ve all seen those A Current Affair episodes).

Sometimes when you try to save money, you end up costing yourself more. Sadly we get emails from couples saying they are on round two of buying wedding invitations because they didn't receive what they were promised from another company (or worse, still received nothing). That is why we are pleased to offer a quality print option that sometimes saves the day.

Does free really mean free?

So after spending hours searching phrases like ‘editable wedding invitation templates free download’, you’ve finally found free wedding invitation templates for Word. Easy? Maybe so far, but the real work hasn’t even begun yet. If you’re using free wedding templates, you’ll be doing all the work yourself. Consider how time-consuming it will be to edit your free printable templates, research and pay printers, then buy stamps and send them all out after packing them yourself. They say time is money, so consider whether saving a little money on up-front cost is really worth it.  If you’ve got plenty of free time and you’re low on funds, it might just be worth it to you. That’s totally fine! Just know what you’re getting yourself into before you begin. 

As we have suggested, free wedding invitation templates aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. Sometimes they’re not even really free. A website may claim that they provide free online wedding templates but they only mean a sample view, or the quality of the free version of the design may be too pixelated when printed. Before you even factor in quality, the very idea of ‘free wedding templates’ on a website may be a farce. While you can find passable wedding invitation templates free to download on the web, it’s very possible that they’ve used smoke and mirrors to make sure you don’t really understand what you’re getting into. Don’t be one of those gullible consumers.


Buy a good company’s cheap wedding invites

The best way to avoid getting caught in a scam is to find a company with a good reputation that sells luxury invitations. Look for the quality of the website and happy customers online, as well as the amount of content they put out and the quality of their designs, imagery and writing. While free invitations may be too much to ask for (unless you’re friends with a calligrapher) these companies will be able to help you out without busting the budget. We understand not everyone is loaded, especially those of us getting married young or without financial support from family, so if you’re planning a budget wedding and looking for cheap wedding invitation sets, the starting price at a well-known company is your best bet.

Make your own wedding invitations on the cheap with Paperlust

If you buy from a good company you know they have a reputation to uphold, so even their cheap invitations will be of a high quality. They already have all the trimmings of luxury ordering: customer support services before and after purchase, the very best suppliers, and carefully developed delivery processes. This is where you don’t want a company to be cutting costs! It’s far better to spend money on getting simple invitations from a reputable company than getting fancy designs from a company that doesn’t have these supports in place. Don’t forget that you’re likely to end up spending even more money if you have to order a second round of invitations after your first batch of online discount wedding invites don’t go according to plan.

High end invitation companies will usually include free delivery and complimentary envelopes, so be sure to factor this in when you’re comparing prices.


Choices like print style & paper type can help make wedding invitations cheap

If you’ve found a great company to buy from, you’ll be able to get your wedding invitations cheap by making careful choices. One of the best things about choosing a reputable company is that even their basic cheap options are guaranteed to be of a very high quality. The paper will be thick and heavy and the ink heavily pigmented, even at the cheapest level, so you don’t need to worry about selecting the middle or upper range options. 

Cheap invitations from higher-end companies will almost always be digital print, which just means your standard ink on paper printing. Cheap wedding invitations with a photo is an option as it is usually digital print. Other options like letterpress, foil stamping or print on wood will cost a lot more. This is true regardless of what sort of stationery you are ordering, so cheap baby shower invitations, cheap birthday invitations, cheap engagement party invitations or any other sort of cheap invites will usually be digital print. Luckily, digital doesn’t mean lower quality! The chances are that you wouldn’t notice the difference when it comes to digital printing, because most stationery you see is digitally printed. If you’re having trouble letting go of your gold foil or letterpress ideal, just remember that it is an invitation for one day, and that not everyone is sentimental enough to scrapbook it after the wedding. It’s far more important to avoid financial stress and select cheap invitations than to choose something you can’t quite afford. Opting for a simple black and white design from an up and coming designer can also be a great way to reduce the price (well-known designers will sometimes charge more for their work).


Minimise the number of cards in your wedding invitation suite

If you’re on a very tight budget it can be a good idea to minimise the number of cards in your wedding invitation suite. Usually this means getting rid of information cards, wishing well cards, and menu/dietary requirement cards and sticking to save the dates, the invitations and RSVP cards. If you’re buying these you might be able to order in bulk and get cheap thank you cards to match: you’ll definitely need those after the wedding. 

By sticking to two or three cards in your suite rather than seven or eight, you can save a huge chunk of change, which in turn allows you to afford high quality options for the cards you do include. Just make sure to use a wedding website, word of mouth or even an email to give guests any information they need that wasn’t included in the invitation suite. 

By choosing reputable companies and ordering their cheap wedding invitations online and keeping the amount of cards you order to a minimum, you can get beautiful invites that everyone will love without breaking the budget. 

Looking to create a cheap wedding invitations kit or set of cards?

Well, you are in luck, we offer up to 24 cards and accompanying Belly bands and Stickers with most of our cheap wedding invitations sets, in our Digital Print options which is our cheapest kit print type. All of our design kits can be customized by DIY, so you can edit them in our tool and our design team will proof the after checkout and make any changes you need.

Looking to make wedding invitation kits on the cheap? Well if you order 3 or more cards types at checkout you will receive an auto-applied coupon of 15% off your total wedding invitation package, which can save hundreds of dollars in some cases off your total wedding invitation kit. 


Affordable wedding invitations can still be luxe

Just because you’re looking to do your wedding invitations cheap doesn’t mean you can’t have ones that look classy. The key? Keep it simple and know where to cut. No matter what type of wedding invites you’re looking for, there are versions that are affordable within most budgets. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of invite like affordable pocket invitations or inexpensive seal and send options, or you’re just looking for a particular style, from the most casual to the most elegant affordable wedding invitations, there’s an option for you. Even the most pricey print types can be affordable: it’s possible to find affordable laser cut wedding invitations or affordable letterpress wedding invitations by choosing cheaper designs and incorporating one expensive card with other more simple cards in your wedding invitation suite. Again, this is usually done best when you find the most affordable wedding invitations from a reputable company rather than taking a risk with a sketchy-looking site online just because their prices are cheap. The internet is a great tool for comparing prices and finding the right options for you, but buying affordable wedding invitations online shouldn’t mean you have to take a huge risk. For most people the important card is the actual invitation, as it is the one that ends up on their guest’s fridge. Guests are far less likely to remember the RSVP cards in a few years’ time.

If you’re trying to find affordable options in a luxury print type, your best bet is to minimise the number of cards you buy, or to choose one ‘feature card’ that is printed in letterpress or foil, and combine it with other cards printed using a standard digital print technique. This truly gives you the best of both worlds and lets you have something beautiful without breaking the bank. 


The customised option can still be inexpensive 

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as affordable custom wedding invitations! If you spend too long looking in the wrong places for inexpensive options online, it can start to feel like your only options are stock templates. You can fill in your own details, but anything more unique and you’ll be forced to pay up. At Paperlust, we thought it should be possible to make them inexpensive and customisable, so we did! 

Cheap elegant wedding invitations. Is there such a thing?

Every invitation template on Paperlust is completely customisable, so whether you’re looking for inexpensive elegant wedding invitations or something more specific like in an inexpensive rustic style, you will be able to customise your templates before purchase. You can move, resize, drag and drop, and delete elements of the design, as well as putting in your own information and playing with typefaces and font size. Once you’ve customised the design and made your purchase, one of our designers will take a look at the changes to make sure it all looks perfect, and you’ll get a final proof to approve before printing. The power is in your hands, and all for an excellent price!

Where to get cheap wedding invitations

While our excellent digital option is the most affordable for cheap wedding invitations UK, we also know our affordable print options are great value for money. If Paperlust creates and ships your invitations to you in the UK, or anywhere else around the world, it is still going to work out to be easy on the pocket. In many cases, this option will be lower than buying them locally. It is a great deal because it is affordable without compromising on quality or service - we strive to give our soon-to-be-married couples the best.

This ability to customise your invites extends beyond this: we offer inexpensive wedding shower invitations, inexpensive baby shower invitations, inexpensive birthday invitations, and any other invitations you’re looking for, all completely customisable at no extra charge. 

On this page looking at the customizable cheap wedding invitations, it is hard to believe they are classed as our most affordable option. The designs are modern and fresh, the fonts are classy, and the overall look is trendy and stylish.

The big events in your life are a reflection of you, so it makes sense that your invitations should be customisable to suit your style and tastes perfectly. We think that’s important, even if you’re looking at an inexpensive invitations wedding or otherwise. There’s no reason small changes should cost the Earth, and there’s no reason you can’t think about personalisation just because you’re sticking to inexpensive wedding invitation ideas. We get that there are other things to pay for beyond the big day (and by that, we mean an epic honeymoon!)


Clearance wedding invitations

Planning a wedding is challenging, and keeping track of the many expenses can be even more difficult. If you are trying to save some money on your wedding, why not cut spences with your wedding invitations? 

Paperlust can help you find the right design for your wedding invitation at the best price. We have a wide selection of wedding invitations on clearance with a 15% discount when purchasing three items. And we also feature seasonal events where you can save a lot of money, such as our Black Friday Sale. 

Saving on your wedding was never so simple. With Paperlust, you can customize the wording of your preferred design, move elements, resize them, or delete those you do not need. You can also change the font and letter size. We ship globally, and if your order is over $300.00 USD, shipping is free. Once your order ships, it will only take 2 to 4 days to arrive at your door.