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Foil Wedding Invitations

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion, so of course you want to make it count and take the opportunity to treat yourself with some luxury details. One of the most popular ways to add a little something special to your wedding is with foil wedding invitations. 


When should you choose foil wedding invitations? 

Traditionally, gold foil invitations signal luxury and are connected with formality, so are selected for only the most formal weddings. This is no longer true. Gold foil wedding invitations are versatile, perfect for adding embellishment to any wedding invitations, from the most casual to the most formal. 

Foil wedding invitations can still be used to signal that your wedding is formal. Choosing foil shows that you’re making sure you have the best for your day, so your guests will assume everything is the best. If you’re trying to communicate formality, consider choosing a more formal design for your gold foil invitations (or any colour foil you are using). You might keep to a muted colour palette, use a thick linen paper stock, and stick to a classic wedding invitation design or a minimalist, geometric style. 

For something more fun or casual, consider using your wedding invitations gold foil to complement a design with more colour, fun illustrations, and an interesting, modern wedding invitation design


Colours and styles of foil wedding invitations

Gold foil wedding invitations are the most popular choice for brides, but gold foil invitations aren’t your only option. Foil printing comes in almost any colour imaginable. Some of the most popular are natural metallic finishes, including rose gold foil wedding invitations, silver foil wedding invitations, and brass, bronze or copper foil wedding invitations. Foil wedding invites don’t have to be a natural metallic colour: foil comes in almost any colour. Some popular choices for wedding invitations foil include red, green, blue, black and white. 

Foil printing can also be combined with other print types. Gold foil stamped wedding invitations are a popular choice, combining the shine of foil with the impressive, touchable impact of letterpress. 


Cheap foil wedding invitations: can foil be affordable?

Some people love the look of gold foil wedding invitations but are concerned about the price, wondering how they can minimise the cost to keep things affordable. If you’re on the hunt for cheap foil wedding invitations, you can keep costs down by only adding foil to one part of your wedding invitation suites (usually the invitation itself) while leaving it off other cards like your RSVP cards, information cards and other extras. Your set can all be tied together with the design, and the foiling will make the main piece stand out. You might also choose to minimise the number of cards you send out as part of your invitation suite to save money, putting information on a wedding website instead or including more information on the wedding invitation instead of supplementary cards. 

If you’re on a budget, avoid the temptation to fall for too-good-to-be-true prices online with sketchy companies. You want to be sure you’re getting quality for your money. Oh, and unless you have experience with printing, be wary of investing money in a system promising to let you create diy gold foil invitations. It is very difficult to create diy gold foil invitations that are high enough quality to use, so make sure you are confident that you can do it before you spend the money on something that sells unachievable results! 


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