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Beach Wedding Menus. Wedding Menu Cards

Dreaming of a beach wedding? Create a beach wedding menu to get your guests excited for the tropical dishes you have planned. Your guests are most definitely looking forward to their meals, so create wedding menu cards that won't dissapoint. Paperlust designers are a group of super talented Aussies from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart.

If you're not sure about the beach theme, Paperlust has a lot of other designs to choose from, including vintage, rustic, country and lace. Choose your favourite print type to match your chosen style letterpress, foil stamp, photo card and print on wood, and add some colour to your wedding menu card black, blue, gold and purple.

If you're getting way too excited about food and you've planned your wedding menus before anything else, have a look at the rest of the wedding stationary available at Paperlust - wedding invitations, save the date, thank you cards and wishing well.

Check out our wedding menu wording pages to help you get the right words down. Have a chat with our wonderful support team if you need any more help -


The Paperlust Team