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Black Wedding Invitations

Here at Paperlust we offer the best range of black wedding invitations Australia wide. Whether it’s black and gold wedding invitations with our stunning foil techniques, red and black wedding invitations for a striking contrast, or simple wedding invitations in black and white, we have the invitation perfectly suited to your wedding.

The theme and tone of the event determines the kind of wedding stationery that will match. For a very formal and traditional occasion you may consider black tie wedding invitations, or if you’re passionate about football and hosting a St Kilda Saints themed wedding (it happens) you could use red, black and white invitations. Now that’s passion!


Changing the game

If you’re someone who likes to be a bit different - who doesn’t mind standing out for all the right reasons - then why not consider a black wedding dress? Maybe black is your signature colour that all your friends know you for; maybe you just like the idea of ruffling a few feathers. Either way, you can use stunning black invitations as a forerunner leading up to your black dress reveal. If you want to make your ceremony entrance more dramatic, try to select a venue where you are totally unseen before you come around the corner of the doorway, like an old church with high windows (don’t you enjoy the juxtaposition of old and new in that concept?). You definitely don’t have to be ‘goth’ to go for this bold wedding fashion statement - all the more striking if black is not a colour you usually wear! It’s worth considering, if impact is what you’re after.


Other reasons to go for black invitations

  • You can use a unique white ink that contrasts perfectly with the black background
  • The groom can sometimes feel like it’s her wedding, so black invitations can be something to reflect the outfits of your guy and his groomsmen, as opposed to coordinating with the bridesmaid dresses
  • You can get away with black bridesmaid dresses
  • Black makes gold and silver foiling stand out more
  • Your invitation is timeless because you’ve kept it simple and classy
  • You can use brightly coloured envelopes to contrast that won’t get missed in the mail

Tip: If you are having completely black invitations, just make sure your RSVP cards are in white or another light colour - otherwise your guests will need white pens to be able to fill them in.

Paperlust loves supporting independent Australian designers by giving them a platform to sell their work at a fair price, so you can be sure that all of our designs are original and no designers have been ripped off. Choose from the top Aussie designs and enjoy our complimentary envelopes, free shipping and customer satisfaction guarantee. All our black wedding invitations are completely customisable with our online design tool and to order a sample is only $5.