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Gold Wedding Invitations & Golden Wedding Invitations

Nothing says elegant like beautiful golden wedding invitations. There are scores of invitation designs to choose from online but there’s something about gold that gives it that extra special touch for your extra special day. With historical connotations of royalty, our real gold foil invitations have an undeniable feeling of luxury. Whatever combination you choose, gold adds the perfect touch of something extra. On Paperlust you can shop blue and gold wedding invitations, purple and gold, gold and white wedding invitations, as well as much more. Whether you choose letterpress, digital, metallic or raised foil, the choices gold are the best way to make an impression on your guests.

If you are planning a very formal and traditional wedding ceremony, gold will fit right in with your theme. Why stop at gold glitter wedding invitations? Why not weave gold throughout all your stationery and signage, including menu cards, order of ceremony and thank you cards after the wedding? Cohesion is classy. 

Planning a winery or winter wedding? Consider some of our beautiful rich colours like burgundy and gold invitations, navy and gold options or black and gold wedding invitations to give your guests a hint of the cosy atmosphere you plan to create.

If your nuptials are taking place in spring, blush and golden wedding invites with some floral embellishments might be just the thing for a garden wedding. You could even pick colours to match the bridesmaids’ flowers.

Gold foil styles are a trend that are not going anywhere. Whether it’s white and gold wedding invitations to keep things stylish and neutral, we are positive you will find something you love.

Looking for cheap gold wedding invitations?

We have a range of cheap gold wedding invitations within our Flat Foil print type, if you select Matte paper within Flat Foil prints we have some of the best options for cheap gold wedding invitations on the internet.

Paperlust is all about you so we offer complimentary envelopes, free shipping and a guarantee of quality and satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our online support team. Enjoy shopping!