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Currently no wedding invitations available for purchase. Browse our wedding invitations collection to find what are you looking for.

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Wedding Invitations Melbourne, Wedding Invites And Cards

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Currently no wedding invitations available for purchase. Browse our wedding invitations collection to find what are you looking for.


The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Wedding Invitations Melbourne. Wedding Invites & Cards

However you search for it, we arguably think Paperlust is the best place to discover unique wedding invitations in Melbourne created by up and coming local design talent hailing from Online, Australia, Sydney and Adelaide.

Finely etched crystal? Or drinks in Jam Jars? Melbourne can accommodate a range of wedding styles from the elegant to the downright funky, so whether you are looking for Beach, Lace, Rustic and Vintage themed invitations, Paperlust has the best collection of wedding invite designs for Melbourne weddings.


Nothing quite like a Melbourne Wedding

Melbourne is a city that pretty much caters for everyone and everything, and it is an increasingly popular place to get married. There are so many great hidden treasures in Melbourne, from beautiful parks to spacious event halls, and some truly beautiful churches and architecture. 

You can have an inner city wedding, with some great venues to choose from that offer great cuisine, and the potential for beautiful views of the city if you end up in a sky rise building. We have wedding invitation designs that fit in with a city setting perfectly, whether you are after classic style or something more trendy. 

Or for those who are looking for something a bit more laid-back, you don’t need to drive too far out of the city for you to end up in a country town or one of our picturesque wineries, often with bigger venues available. For those who are planning an outdoor or country style wedding, our selection of rustic wedding invitations will be the perfect match! 

Wedding invitations Melbourne Style

Melbourne is known for being a stylish and creative city, where people are not afraid to be themselves. Our designers understand the aesthetic and culture of Melbourne and translate it into their designs. There’s no reason why your wedding invitations can’t reflect the cool Melbourne style. 

Some may think invitations are not that important a part of weddings anymore, especially with social media providing easy communication to friends and family, but we at Paperlust still believe it is a crucial aspect of a wedding and will work as a beautiful introduction to the overall style of your wedding day. 

Let us help you find a wedding invitation Melbourne design you really love, that suits your style and the theme of your day so that every little detail can be just right. 


We have plenty of different wedding invitation styles to choose from, including:

Abstract invitations

Bold wedding invites

Classic wedding invitations





And with so much more available, be sure to browse through all our designs until you find the perfect wedding invitation design for you. 


Wedding invitations Melbourne we’re all about the fine details

Heads up - an important thing to consider when choosing your wedding invitations is the print type. Whether you're looking for a design to match the modern surrounds of Zinc or the classic elegance of Quat Quatta, choosing the right print type can help set the scene. Great news, our creatives are print masters and know how to best combine beautiful design with premium print techniques:




Foil stamp

Metallic prints

Letterpress & Foil

Photo cards

Print on wood


The printing style you choose can be a great compliment to the overall colour scheme and style of your wedding. 

We have your back when it comes to the finer details, our extended range of engagement invitations, save the date, thank you cards and wishing well cards will ensure you have all bases covered in amazing matching designs.


Melbournian wedding invitation colour palette

Let's talk colour. We all know about Melbourne's winter obsession with black, which is cool, but this is your wedding and we say splash out with some colour. Browse Paperlust's amazing range of wedding invitations by colour.

But if you just love the monochrome palette too much, and that’s totally fine, this is Melbourne after all, then look through our collection of black and white wedding invitations for some great ideas. You could always brighten up black with subtle touches of metallic to make them stand out. 



Melbourne has a lot to offer when it comes to weddings, whether you are shopping for your wedding dress, looking at locations or maybe even considering Melbourne as a local honeymoon option. Our Melbourne wedding invitations are created by designers who know what Melbourne is all about. 

Stuck for what to write? Be sure to check out our super helpful wedding invitation wording page, which has all the wedding card messages you could ever need. If you ever have questions one of our friendly staff would love to hear from you - contact us


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