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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Print on Wood Wedding Menus. Wedding Menu Cards

One of the really special things available at Paperlust is print on wood wedding stationary. This means that you can create really unique wedding invitations, save the date, thank you cards and wishing well. A print on wood wedding menu is one way to really get your guests excited about the wedding reception food!

There are a lot of awesome designs available, including vintage, rustic, beach and lace. If you're not sure about print on wood, have a look at some of our other print types available - digital cards, letterpress, foil stamp and photo card. Once you've chosen your favourite wedding menus, add a bit of colour to make them pop! black, blue, gold and purple.

All the designs available are unique to Paperlust and are created by designers from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart.

Get some wedding menu ideas from our wedding menu wording pages before you finalise your order. Have a chat with our fabulous support team if you need a little more advice -


The Paperlust Team.

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