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Around The Clock Bridal Shower Invitations

When regular bridal shower themes are not your thing, and you wish to host a unique and entertaining party, around the clock bridal shower should fit exactly right. This is a popular theme that involves guests bringing a gift for the couple to use during a specific time of the day, completing a 24 hour with all the gifts. For the party to work correctly, you need to specify each guest the time of the day their gift should be used in. 

This is a creative and fun way to keep everyone engaged and participating. When customizing the wording of your invitations, make sure you include the phrase "please bring a gift appropriate for the time indicated." for example, if someone's invitation said 7:00 am, a coffee maker would be the ideal present. And so on until the 24 hours are covered. 

Creating a bridal shower guest list might be tricky but always follow the rule that those you invite to your bridal shower should be invited to the wedding. Plan your times accordingly to have your invitations ready to be mailed six to four weeks before the event. 

Around the clock, bridal shower invitations often include vintage clock designs, and you can find many designs browsing through Paperlust. If you wish to change colors, fonts, or the overall look of an existing design, you can always request a custom order and make it more personal.