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Rose Gold Bridal Shower Invitations

The inspiration for your bridal shower invitations can come from many elements, and if you are not into elaborate themes, a color will do the work flawlessly. For example, a popular color over the past years has been rose gold, a beautiful metallic shade that works great with colors like blush, burgundy, green, white, and black. 

A rose gold-themed bridal shower will probably be more on the formal side, but you can always add a hint of color to a casual event. Your bridal shower invitations are a great element to include color. Paperlust has many designs, including rose gold for your event, and once you choose one, you can personalize the wording and add the information of your event. 

Paperlust also accepts custom offers if you have a design or an idea you wish to develop. Our design team will work with you to create an original design, customize an existing one, or print one you already own. 


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