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Rustic bridal shower invitations

There’s often something simple and charming about a bridal shower. It’s a time when female friends and family members gather to celebrate your soon-to-be wedded bliss, and ‘shower’ you with gifts, love and support. It’s truly a special occasion, and a callback to simpler times and strong community bonds, so rustic bridal shower invitations are a popular choice. The rustic look is so versatile it will work for almost any decor or style of event. 

Rustic bridal shower invitations are all about embracing nature, the countryside, and homemade touches. Some popular rustic design motifs for your bridal shower invites include florals and botanical touches, leaves, trees, and similar. You might also include patterns that resemble natural fabrics like lace and burlap, which can be carried over into your decor at the party itself. Text is often printed in script typefaces that look handwritten or resemble calligraphy, to add a diy touch to keep the rustic feel going. 

Paper choice is another significant part of creating rustic bridal shower invitations. Brown kraft paper is a common choice, but textured paper made from cotton or linen is popular as well. 

All our rustic bridal shower invitations are completely customisable using our easy-to-use design tool. Pick your design, select the right colour palette, and then drag and drop design elements, add in all your own information, and make other changes. We allow you to see how changes look in real time, so you don’t have to gamble with changes and hope everything turns out okay. Once you’re happy, one of our designers will take a look to make sure everything is lined up perfectly, and we’ll get a final proof to you for your approval. As soon as you approve, we go to print, and your bridal shower invites will be in your hands before you know it. 

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