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Embossed Foil Wedding Invitations | 3D Wedding Invitations

On one of the most important days of your life, the last thing you want to do is blend in to the crowd; you want to stand up, been seen and really feel special! Your wedding invitations for that incredible day should be just as special, and with 3d wedding invitations you can stand out just as much so your guests don’t just see your invitation, they remember it. The perfect way to make sure that happens is to find, and choose, one of the many beautiful designs vintage chic wedding cards, charming indian invitations, elegant typography wedding invitations and graceful hand drawn invitations created with embossed foil. These incredible Embossed Foil Wedding Invitations will literally stand out and add that perfect little something to make your invitations as special as your wedding day will be. If you love the embossed style and design you choose, we at

Paperlust offer a wide variety of products christmas cards, pregnancy announcements, bridal shower invitations and greeting cards with those same styles so you can carry the theme from beginning to end. 

Created in a variety of local Australian areas Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong and Townsville, you know your invitations will get to you fast! Plus when you add in the other varieties of available prints foil stamp, metallic prints, photo card and raised foil, and even more possible colour choices multi colored, grey, rose gold and silver, there is no wider variety of lovely Embossed Foil Wedding Invitations anywhere else. 


Thermography wedding invitations

Thermography is a unique technique that will bring sophistication to your wedding invitations. If you love the unconventional and want to step back from the traditional digital flat print, thermography is ideal for you. 

This specialty printing combines UV light and a specially formulated polymer; the result is a raised texture with high quality and scratch resistance. This printing type looks particularly elegant in simple designs. Since it combines texture with shiny foil, you want your invitation to focus on the thermography effect and avoid overfilling the design. 

Raised foil suits a classic formal wedding. Romantic and modern weddings can also include this type of invitation. You can also order RSVP cards that match your invitations or thank you cards. Ordering online has never been simpler. You have complete control over your invitations, and every step of your inquiries can be completed from the comfort of your home. Paperlust offers many designs, formats, and printing options to accommodate any style and budget.