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Customizable mountain wedding invitations by Paperlust

Do you dream of escaping to the mountains - just getting out and connecting with nature? Then you need mountain wedding invitations. From simple black ink printed on wood to beautiful watercolour, mountain themed wedding invitations can come in many shapes and forms. Find the design that you connect with most, whether it’s rocky mountain wedding invitations, Colorado mountain wedding invitations or rustic mountain wedding invitations. The mountain theme is also conducive to fall wedding invitations and destination wedding invitations.

Planning a wedding in the mountain isn’t a requirement to choose mountain scene wedding invitations. You and your fiancé could simply use these wedding invites as a springboard for a nature or outdoor theme. We understand that not everyone can secure (or afford) their ideal location so there’s no harm in opting for wedding invitations mountain style to incorporate some of your vision. Mountain wedding invitations are creative and dynamic - the perfect introduction to the signature style of your entire wedding journey. 

There is a special vibe around natural settings such as mountains, if you feel like saying I do with mountains as your backdrop or on top of a mountain, you should start by choosing the right wedding invitations, and Paperlust has many options for you. 

Browse through the selection of mountain wedding invitations and select your favorite; you can find different colors and styles. If you like one but the colors aren't so appealing to you, keep in mind you can request a custom order and change the colors and other elements. 

The editing tool is easy to use to personalize a current design, allowing you to change the wording, drag and drop elements. A special request is available to change the font or add a map to your design. And each design has matching items like RSVP cards, thank you cards, save the date, and information cards. Plus, you can have free white premium envelopes.