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Funny Baby Shower Cards

Your baby is a miniature version of yourself. From the moment of birth, they will spend all of their time learning from you as a parent, and gaining some of your personality traits as they figure out who they are. Your sense of humor will surely be passed on to them, so why not start early with funny baby shower cards? Paperlust has a huge selection that will demonstrate your unique sense of humor--and the one your child will have because of it.

Get some laughs out of your friends with--girl, boy and twin baby shower invitations that boast a funny message or image. What's more, you can choose a design that speaks to the things that you find funny or simply ones that are visually appealing to you with different design styles such as--vintage, rustic, beach and lace. Don't sacrifice your humorous nature in the print style, either. There are many print styles for you to choose from that capture the bubbly atmosphere that will be present at your baby shower. This includes printing formats like--digital cards, letterpress, foil stamp and metallic prints.

The theme of your shower is also important. To make sure guests know of the lighthearted event coming up, choose a funny theme from our growing collection, like--(insert theme). Round out your stationery with other--baby announcement and baby shower invitations to truly showcase your idea of what is funny.

Taking steps toward crafting the perfect, hilarious baby shower is made simple through Paperlust. Browse our selection of funny baby shower items and let us know if you need any assistance while shopping at