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Baby girl shower invitations

There’s nothing like the moment you find out you’re going to have a baby girl, and getting to share that news with others is a fun and exciting process. If you’re planning a baby shower for someone expecting a girl, Paperlust’s baby girl shower invitations are the perfect place to begin. 

Our girl baby shower invitations come from the best independent designers across Australia, and are available in a range of print types, including real foil, white ink and letterpress.

We also have boy baby shower invitations and baby shower invitations for twins, as well as gender neutral baby shower invitations. Not pregnant but found your way here anyway? No problem! We have stationery for all kinds of events and occasions, including greeting cards, birthday invitations and engagement party invitations


Communicating gender on your baby girl shower invitations

It’s always a good idea to make sure guests know if you’re having a boy or girl, provided you’re not trying to keep it a secret for a big surprise at the birth. This can make it easier for them to choose appropriate gifts and cards, and help them feel connected with the new baby. There are a number of ways to approach this on your invitations and at your baby shower, girl or boy. You might let people know you are having a baby girl baby shower by:

  • Making it clear - if you put it in words, there’s no ambiguity. Saying something like “It’s a girl!” or “Little Miss” or something similar will get the message across loud and clear

  • Use colour - if you choose a pink baby shower invitation, people will get the hint that you’re expecting a girl, especially if you use a lot of pink on the invitation and at the baby shower itself. 

  • Traditionally feminine things - if you choose a design that includes traditionally girly things such as flowers, bows and dresses, people will get the message that you’re probably having a baby girl. 

Any of these things will help give your guests the right idea, and for a really ‘girly’ feel you can combine them: a pink baby shower invitation covered in bows and dresses will really set the tone and encourage your guests to embrace girly gifts. 


Information that should be included on your girl baby shower invitations

When throwing a Baby shower for girls, Baby girl shower invitations need to include certain pieces of information to make sure guests know what’s going on and are able to attend. The key information for your baby shower girl invitations includes: 

  • Guests name - this can be included on the invitation itself, or just on the envelope, but it’s important to establish who is invited. Are you inviting a whole family, or just the lady of the household? Are kids allowed? Make it clear by including the names of all invitees. 

  • Mother’s name - don’t forget to include the name of the mother-to-be so guests know who they’re celebrating

  • What the event is - somewhere on the invitation you should say something like ‘Baby Shower!’ or ‘join us to celebrate the mum-to-be’ or just ‘Baby’ so guests know they’re being invited to a shower. You might also specify if the event is a dinner, an afternoon tea, or an overnight retreat so people know what to expect. 

  • Date and time - this is self-explanatory. People can’t attend if they don’t know when to show up. 

  • Venue - include both the street address and the name of the venue, if applicable. 

  • RSVP details - guests need to know how to let you know whether or not they are able to attend. You can either include an RSVP card with a return address, or list an email address or phone number along with the due date. 

  • Gift information - let guests know if there’s a baby shower gift registry or if there are other requests in regards to gifts (for example, some people request that their friends bring a book to create a library for the baby). 

Choosing your baby girl shower invitations  for your baby shower for girls is a super exciting part of planning your baby shower, so it pays to make sure they are practical as well as beautiful.