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Baby boy shower invitations

Finding out you’re expecting a baby boy is one of the most exciting times of your life! Your baby shower is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with friends, and baby boy shower invitations from Paperlust provide a stylish starting point. 

Whether you’re interested in letterpress, real foil, classic digital print or other print types, we have the very best baby shower designs from Australia’s best independent designers. 

Not having a baby boy? Check out our baby girl shower invitations or our gender neutral baby shower invitations. Not having a baby? We’ve also got birthday invitations, wedding invitations, thank you cards and other stationery for any event. 


Communicating gender on your baby boy shower invitations

If you know what the sex of your baby is and you’re not trying to keep it a secret, it’s a good idea to let guests know. Even a hint can help your friends and family pick gifts and cards. There are lots of ways to let people know you’re having a baby boy by the invitations you choose. You might:

  • Say it with words - a heading like ‘Baby boy!” or “It’s a boy!” will leave your guests with no doubt as to what you’re trying to say

  • Colour code - an all-blue baby shower invitation doesn’t necessarily mean you’re having a boy, but it can hint that way, especially if it’s a certain shade of blue and you use a lot of it at the shower as well. 

  • Traditionally masculine things - if you choose baby boy invitations with a design motif like trucks, tools or bugs, this can hint that you’re expecting a little boy. 

Using one of these methods is the easiest way to communicate with guests that you are having a boy. Of course, you can also announce the gender of your baby separately at a gender reveal party or simply on social media, or rely on word of mouth to spread the word. 


What information to include on your baby boy shower invites

Whether you are writing baby shower invitations for a boy or for a girl, there are key pieces of information that need to be included for your guests. The important information is:

  • Who? - make it clear who is invited, who the mother-to-be is, and perhaps also who is hosting the party.

  • What? - let guests know it’s a baby shower, but also make it clear if there is any special plan. Are you having a high tea? A garden party? A dinner? Let people know. 

  • When? - include both the date and the time so people can make sure they don’t miss the big event.

  • Where? - if it’s being hosted by a friend, an address is all you need to include. If it’s not at someone’s house, both the venue name and the address should be listed to help people find the right spot. 

  • RSVP information - let people know when you need their attendance confirmed, and how they can do it. You might include a separate RSVP card to make this easy for them, or a simple phone number or email address. 

  • Gift details - if you’ve registered somewhere or you’d like cash contributions to a big purchase you’re saving up for, this can be politely included in the invitation suite, perhaps on a separate card. 


Getting the invitations right is the first step to having a wonderful baby shower for a boy or girl, so make sure you pick something with a design you love and that you’ve included all the necessary information. Then you can get stuck into the fun of planning your baby shower activities and decorations.