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Beach Theme Baby Shower Invitations

Life’s a beach! Or at least it should be… and the beach can get a little bit closer to you, and your loved ones, now with Paperlust’s beautiful Beach Baby Shower Cards; the perfect beach accessory for a mom to be. Even if you don’t live anywhere near a beach, these aquatic inspired cards were created locally, in places like Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast so you know they know what a beach really means, and they can inspire you to close your eyes and hear the waves crash. With incredible designs like the cute baby shower invitations, sweet baby shower invitations, custom baby shower invites and personalised baby shower cards, and the ability to use your design for other products you may need such as wedding invitations, thank you cards, christmas cards and birthday invitations, Paperlust is the best choice you can make for your Beach Baby Shower Cards.

Even if you find a design you like, you may want to tweak it a bit and change some basic design elements. Feel free, at Paperlust, to adjust the print used on the card digital printing baby shower invitations, letterpress baby shower cards, foil stamp baby shower invitations and print on wood baby shower invites as well as the colours used black, blue, green and white, so your Beach Baby Shower Card is as unique, or at least almost, as the incredible baby, and woman, you’re celebrating. Just choosing one of these picturesque beach inspired cards gives you a reason to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun and waves.

Couples who love the beach, live by the ocean, or even got married at an ocean-front location will adore having a beach-themed baby shower. The possibilities are endless, from cute ocean creatures to palm trees and surfboards. There is no gender associated with the beach, so that you can choose this theme no matter the gender of your baby. It is an ideal theme for couples expecting a summer baby or prefers neutral tones instead of classic pink and blue. 

If you are hosting your baby shower at a beach venue, your decoration can be simple since you already have the perfect backdrop. You can add giant beach balls, surfboards, parasols, fishbowls as centerpieces with sand and small starfishes or seashells for indoor venues. 


When you have it all figured out regarding decoration, you can now search for the perfect beach baby shower invitations. Browse the available designs Paperlust has for your baby shower and select one. Now it is time to personalize the wording of your invitation, add information for your guests like the date, time, and location. If you loved one of our designs but wish to make it your own, you can add a special request to make changes such as color, font, and other elements.