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This seasons on trend Vellum Wedding Invitations & Translucent Wedding Invitations

How do Paperlust Vellum Wedding Invitations work?

Paperlust uses vellum for wedding invitations in a number of ways allowing you to create the perfect personalisation for your event, our translucent wedding invitations can be used in a few ways to create a modern vellum invitation.

Vellum overlay Wedding Invitations by Paperlust

These are combination invitations that we provide and consist of two cards, one card for the base of the combination with a standard card paper stock such as Matte, Linen, Cotton - this forms the base of the vellum wedding invite. Then, there is a decorative vellum invitation overlays that goes over the top which can be printed on also and even foil added. A hole is drilled in both the vellum overlay and the underlying card stock and a gold pin is supplied by Paperlust to pin these together.

In our renders above look out for the designs with a cardstock beneath them in the render, you will personalize each card during the customization process.

Vellum Paper for Wedding Invitations

Paperlust also has a range of designs above that is printed directly onto our luxe Vellum paper option for wedding invitations, you can distinguish these ones above if they do not have a design behind them.

Foil vellum wedding invitations

Paperlust also has an extensive range of foil vellum wedding invitations where we have a range of Gold, Rose Gold and other foil options that are applied to the printed vellum layer to add extra bling. If you are after a specific foil colour, get in touch with our Live Chat or Support team to discuss, as we can generally accommodate foil colour requests to our designs.

Why choose Vellum invitations?

With nothing to hide, translucent vellum paper for invitations reflect honesty and create a dreamy glow around your wedding celebrations. Translucent wedding invitations with a vellum overlay provide so much scope for the imagination - the possibilities are endless. Consider a photo overlaid with a vellum sheet containing all the text for your vellum wedding invite, or as layered wedding invitations with a watercolour artwork of your venue sitting behind calligraphy containing all the details. Wedding invitations with vellum add an extra layer of luxury to your wedding, especially ideas that take it to the next level like wedding invitations with vellum and ribbon or adding your own personalised wax stamp. 

Modern Vellum Wedding Invitations

Vellum wedding invitations DIY style are possible, but before you launch into a hands on project, make sure you research the price of materials etc. Vellum paper for wedding invitations can be expensive for personal purchases so consider whether it’s worth the time and money to put them together by hand. DIY sounding overwhelming right now but you don’t have a mint to spend? You can still choose vellum for wedding invitations - trading the DIY project for customisable vellum paper wedding invitations from Paperlust. Wedding invitations with vellum are beautiful and unique, fitting in with the style of modern wedding invitations, elegant wedding invitations, vintage wedding invitations and much more.