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Modern Wedding Invitations

What does ‘modern’ mean? It might seem obvious, but people have been using the word for centuries and the meaning is relative at best. How do designers come up with something completely original and create the ultimate modern invitation design? Modern wedding invitations aren't all straight lines, sharp edges, and minimal designs. At Paperlust we believe there’s a little more to it than that. If you ask us, modern invitations are any design that's using current ideas. Whether it's combining premium print types like letterpress, metallic prints and wooden invitations with classic invitation designs to create a new look, or creating a mix-and-match of designs across rsvp cards, save the dates, thank you cards and a wishing well, at Paperlust we think modern wedding invitations are diverse and are a great way to express your personality as a couple.


A modern minimalist wedding

Modern is often associated with concepts of minimalism and simplicity. For a minimalist wedding, a simple modern design for your cards would look perfect. Modern and simple doesn’t have to mean black and white - it can be choosing one bold feature colour like yellow or a single design element like a red rose to create a focal point for the design. Modern minimalist, also known as contemporary minimalist, could involve anything from gold foiling or watercolour to kraft paper and textured paint strokes. For the girls who didn’t spend their childhood afternoons playing dress up weddings (they do exist!), a simple modern wedding is the ideal way to pledge your love to your fiancé without the extra fuss (and cost) that you simply don’t need. The added bonus is that you can save on invitations by choosing a clean and affordable design.


Bold colours and innovative techniques

Modern invites have wow factor for so many reasons, and can really mean anything. For your contemporary invitations, why not mix it up with bright blocks of colour, island florals or even a pun? Modern chic invitations can be anything that uses creativity to surprise and delight, like gold and silver geometric patterns or cute sketches depicting aspects of your wedding.


Monochrome as style guide

Modern wedding design is often best depicted in a striking monochromatic theme. Choose your whole modern style suite in one go and have a few more things ticked off your list. Nothing says sophistication like elegant modern designs in letterpress, digital or white ink printing.


Something old, something new

Who says rustic modern can’t be a thing? The old ‘something blue’ wedding rhyme shows that everybody loves a good collaboration. Combine a modern invite with traditional style elements, like a burlap envelope or letterpress printing. Unique modern invitations are a result of innovation, so get creative when you customise one of our wedding templates and don’t be afraid to choose a modern invite for a more traditional wedding. There is no rule book!


Modern wording for invitations

If you’re planning on a modern style then it only makes sense to make sure your wedding wording doesn’t sound like it was written centuries ago. For some tips on modern wedding invitation wording, visit our wedding invitation wording page. Sometimes modern can mean using more casual language, or just changing up the host line (traditionally a girl’s parents would invite guests to a wedding they had paid for). Some leave the wording as an afterthought, but for modern elegant invitations to really sing, you need to have the gift of the gab (or be able to copy off someone who does). If, however, you’re happy with the original wording on your design template, why fix what’s not broken? You’ve just made your own life easier (and we know you need that right now).


The dress, the shoes, the chapel…

If you have a modern wedding style in mind, why not select a chic dress from the latest trends and a sleek modern luxury car to pull up to your ceremony in? Modern weddings can definitely have traditional elements - just stick to what feels right for you.

Modern wedding invitations are best when personalised to suit your taste and style of wording. The worst thing that you can do is to select an invitation based on what you think you should have, rather than what you truly want. If your wedding’s not a day for individual self-expression, what is?

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