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Lilac Wedding Invitations

Lilac is a small tree with a fragrant and beautiful flower in tones of violet, pink, and white. It is a tree of the olive family, and its flowers which only bloom during three weeks of the year, have gathered many different symbolisms over the years. 

Lilacs symbolize purity, innocence, spirituality, happiness, love, passion, and first love. No wonder why lilacs are such a romantic and idyllic option for your wedding day. Incorporate them on your wedding bouquet and your reception centerpieces to make them extra special. Since you can find them in tones like white, violet, blue, magenta, and lilac, you have many options to create a unique concept. 

Choose your wedding invitation to match the theme of your event. Browse through Paperlust selection of lilac-inspired designs. Customize the wording and add all the details of your ceremony and reception, such as date, time, and location. Do not forget to include the dress code for your guests.