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Silver Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day is an extremely memorable life event and silver wedding invitations add that touch of sparkle to your day that nothing else can. Do you feel like gold foil wedding invitations have been a little overdone and you want to do something different? Silver is the way to go, especially if you are opting for a similar colour scheme for your decor. Silver is a classic and versatile colour that combines old school elegance with modern sophistication. It will suit any fashion or decor decisions you make about your wedding, and you are not locked into one specific colour palette.

Choose from an amazing selection of silver and foiled wedding invitations, including purple and silver wedding invitations, royal blue and silver wedding invitations and white and silver wedding invitations. It all depends on what your style is. You may be having dark blue dresses or suits for your bridal party and want navy blue and silver wedding invitations to match - this works especially well if you also plan on silver accessories.


Silver Bells

So many people seem nervous at the prospect of a winter wedding. We understand your thinking but winter, especially if you live somewhere that winter coincides with Christmas time, truly can be the the most wonderful time of the year for weddings. Imagine yourself wrapped in an exquisite faux fur stole and sheathed in satin gloves as you pose with your bridesmaids after the ceremony. Winter weddings work with stunning dark forest greenery, long sleeve dresses, ethereal candlelight and cosy winery receptions. In a word: ambiance. Our silver wedding invitations can kickstart the perfect motif for your wedding, coupled with silver bridal accessories, centrepieces and thank you cards. Imagine your winter wonderland dream and make it a reality - this day is all about you, after all.

But silver doesn’t have to mean a winter wedding. You can combine silver and blue for a beach wedding, or silver and black for an edgy reception at your city’s newest rooftop bar. Silver invitations can work well with Digital Printing for a more affordable option, or as Real Foil and Raised Foil for a beautiful luxury finish. The great thing about being tonal is that nothing clashes with silver - you can pick any colours to go on the invitation and aren’t restricted when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. Got your own silver design? Look at our options for custom printing that will have your wedding invitation in your guests’ hands in no time.

In order to bring you the best of Australian designs, Paperlust has carefully selected from creative communities all over the country, including Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. We know you will love supporting independent designers just as much as you enjoy our free shipping, complimentary envelopes and customer satisfaction guarantee. All of our invitations are fully customisable and you have the final say before they go to print, so you can have total peace of mind.