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Garden Wedding Invitations

Do you have a green thumb? Do flowers make your heart happy? If yes, then garden wedding invitations might be right up your alley. The idea of garden themed wedding invitations might sound quite specific, but there are many ways you can slant the theme, for example: 

  • Garden lights wedding invitations
  • Secret Garden wedding invitations
  • Rose garden wedding invitations
  • Vintage garden wedding invitations
  • Enchanted garden wedding invitations

Whimsical garden wedding invitations may involve a reference to literature or pop culture (i.e. the Secret Garden novel or movie) but can also be chosen to complement romantic decorations and atmosphere. Gardens are reminiscent of adventure, fantasy and childhood and if these themes speak to you, you should feel free to express them in various aspects of your wedding day. 

If you like the idea of formal wedding invitations with a twist, why not plan your big day outdoors with garden party themed wedding invitations? One of the many great things about shopping for wedding invitations online is the variety available to you, so start browsing for the perfect invite to customise today.