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The perfect Fall Wedding Invitations for this season

Create unique fall wedding invitations with Paperlust

Fall - or Autumn, depending where in the world you live - is truly one of the most beautiful times in the year. The leaves are changing into a range of vibrant colours, the mornings are fresh but the sun is still shining, and it’s time to break out the cosy sweaters and scarves. This magical season is the perfect time for a wedding that’s a little bit unique, and that uniqueness can begin with customised fall wedding invitations or autumn wedding invitations. 

Fall themed wedding invitations

It’s incredibly popular for people getting married in the fall to theme their wedding around the season itself, since it’s such a special time of year. That might involve getting married out amongst the colourful trees and falling leaves or bringing the outdoors in with leaves as centrepieces and other decor, or simply choosing to go with a warm, golden colour palette. 


Popular fall wedding invitation features

Fall themed wedding invitations typically feature any of the following characteristics:

  • A motif of Autumn leaves or a harvest motif
  • A fall colour palette - think oranges, browns, reds and yellows
  • Natural, rustic textures like kraft paper or textured cotton paper
  • Images related to the season, such as scarves or jumpers, soup or something that is personal to you, or
  • Something related to a holiday that happens during fall or autumn, in your part of the world. For example, images on your invitations that allude to Halloween or Thanksgiving. 


Rustic fall wedding invitations are the most common choice for an autumn wedding. In fact, fall or autumnal wedding invitations can often be indistinguishable from rustic wedding invitations

Fall wedding invitations are available in a range of print types to suit all occasions. If you’re looking for cheap fall wedding invitations, consider selecting from digital print, white ink or metallic ink designs. If you’ve got more cash to spare, you might be interested in something a little bit fancy, like real foil, letterpress or print on wood. 


“Fall in love” wedding invitations

Another common take on fall wedding invites is actually a pun: ‘fall’ in love! This wording is popular for autumn weddings, and fall in love wedding invitations or falling in love wedding invitations are a fun way to make your invitations season-appropriate even if you don’t want all the traditional Autumn design elements. The text can feature in large print as the main feature of your design, or it can be incorporated into the standard, smaller text for a more subtle approach. 

However you decide to incorporate the season into your fall wedding invitations, we can help! Browse our collection today, and get customising.